Once upon a time there was a wondrous land filled with many different kinds of people, all working hard to coexist in their shared space.

The vast and verdant terrain was spectacularly beautiful indeed, filled with the most complete spectrum of natural differences, just like the people.

Sweeping blue seashores, lined the coasts.

Some of the shorelines were wide and smooth with long stretches of sandy expanses that swept for miles. Delicate seashells graced the landscape inviting children to rush and collect the delightful treasures.

Other sections of coastline, far across on the opposite side, were ferocious and raw, beckoning many brave seafarers to come and sharpen their skills alongside nature’s most rigorous trainer. Trees that seemed to soar a mile into the bright blue sky were at the cliff’s edge, inspiring many to reach higher when they dreamed.

There were millions of acres of towering mountains vastly spread between the coasts. The mountains seemed fierce and intimidating from afar. But then, when proceeding closer, in fact very close, it was no longer possible to gauge how high the peaks soared which made it possible to attempt the climb. Slow and steady. Back and forth in a zigzag, it proved possible to advance up the treacherous mountainsides and reach the top.

The massive, sprawling, flat plains proved to be another set of precarious challenges. But the people of the land learned how to conquer, even master, the vast array of formidable circumstances. The majority acquired valuable skills from these differing natural terrains from which they were able to become that much more creative and innovative. The land evolved into a nation of originality. A prosperous tribute to the impossible.

And then one day, VOOOOOM…the sky turned very dark and ominous. From out of nowhere it seemed, an evil, ferocious demon invaded the beautiful land, alarming the noble people, vowing to keep them captive so that the vicious savage could confiscate everything of value and hoard it for himself.

Stay tuned…

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