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Gallant Gold Media was established to be an effective resource in overcoming the global climate crisis. We aggressively cover the root causes of the climate emergency as well as provide the public with useful tips on how families can assist with lowering global atmospheric carbon levels by focusing on their household carbon footprint.

Additionally, Gallant covers the environment, gun safety legislation, family separations at the border, immigration, positivity, health & wellness, small business, and the 2020 election.


  • Gallant Gold Media creates entertainment franchises. We are currently completing the development of a franchise geared toward the Harry Potter market. A second work is one of the same quality and caliber as Disney animated franchises.
  • There are two additional franchises for 16 and older market in the pipelines.
  • We actively seek investor inquiries.
  • Additionally, Gallant provides B2B marketing, advertising and branding media services through video production, professional photography, social media campaigns, and other customized promotional material in addition to consulting, and market research & analysis. We hope you’ll inquire about how our team can help your team in the small business environment, particularly in Fairfax County, VA and metro Washington DC.
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