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Welcome! Gallant Gold Media is an independent multi media company 110% focused on promoting grass roots climate action in order to aid in the success of reducing US carbon emissions 50% by 2030 in accordance with President Biden’s commitment. Our mission as a climate action communication channel is to help transition local communities, and global society, to a new culture that is rooted in sustainability. Our founder, Noreen Wise, has 20 years of hands-on experience in sustainability combined with 5 years of intense climate action research, that was used to create a grass roots strategy. Our Climate Action Plan is aligned with the goals outlined in Speed & Scale. We provide daily ActNow tips through the major social media platforms, as well as articles and videos. Additionally, we are aligned with the UN’s 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) and amplify SDG content regularly.

Gallant Gold Media offers a positive culture of leadership and mentoring, passion, inspiration, and innovation in pursuit of the corporate mission of being a persuasive force in making the world a better place. Gallant prides itself in offering opportunities to a diverse group of like-minded people who are motivated to tackle stubborn challenges in a positive way and celebrate each and every step toward success.

Positive and inspirational corporate environment.

Climate Action Solutions

Gallant Gold Media has created a Climate Action Plan, based on 20 years of intense research, to help communicate tips and strategies for grass roots direct action. We’ve aligned our Plan with the CO2 numbers in Speed & Scale.

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How Does Compost Collection Work? | Compost Crew

Washington (GGM) Analysis | January 14, 2022, by Noreen Wise, Founder & CEO of Gallant Gold Media, and author; image credit, Compost Crew Composting home kitchen scraps is vitally important. It’s one of the most critical climate actions we can take as we rush to keep global warming below 1.5ºC and avoid the much feared tipping point (that threatens […]

“The future? What future? You’ve got to be worried about NOW”

Washington (GGM) Analysis | January 11, 2022, by Noreen Wise, Founder & CEO of Gallant Gold Media, and author; image by AdobeStock At his Glasgow speech during COP26, Vijay Prashad eviscerated the West with an impassioned rebuke of colonialism, and our “middle class, bourgeois, Western slogan” that states how worried we are about the future. There are “2.7 billion who can’t […]

Don’t Worry, Military Has BIG Plan to Cut It’s Big Carbon Footprint

Washington (GGM) Analysis | January 9, 2022, by Noreen Wise, Founder & CEO of Gallant Gold Media, and author; image by AdobeStock The US military is ranked number 55 out of the world’s largest carbon polluters (2019). According to Forbes Magazine, the DOD has emitted more than 1.2 GtC (billion metric tons of carbon) since the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. […]

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Anything challenging is always easier when we have great music to put our minds in the right place, especially for daunting challenges that require massive amounts of grit for a prolonged period of time. Climate Action and Climate Justice are two such issues.

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No rose without thorns. —French Proverb. Groundbreaking YA book series for all ages. Not only a gripping modern day nail-biter with Machiavellian villains, but also one that opens our eyes to the brutal war going on beneath our feet that controls our destiny, despite our obliviousness to this civilization-destroying threat.

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