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Welcome! Gallant Gold Media is an independent multi media company focused on promoting grass roots climate action in an effort to aid in the success of reducing US carbon emissions 50% by 2030 in accordance with President Biden’s commitment. Our mission as a climate action communication channel is to help transition individuals, local communities, and global society, to a new culture that is rooted in sustainability. Our founder has 20 years of hands-on experience in sustainability combined with 5 years of deep climate action research that includes international living experiences in more advanced circular economy cultures. These rich experiences and insights have been applied to our grass roots climate action road map. Gallant Gold Media’s direct action climate action strategy is aligned with the CO2 numbers outlined in the global Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis Now. We provide daily ActNow tips through the major social media platforms, as well as articles and occasional videos. Additionally, we are aligned with the UN’s 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) and amplify SDG content regularly.

Climate Action Solutions

Based on 20 years of deep research, Gallant Gold Media has created a climate action roadmap to help communicate tips and strategies for grass roots direct climate action. Our climate roadmap is aligned with the CO2 numbers outlined in the global Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis Now.

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The blueprint in Speed & Scale is one earnest attempt to come to grips with the task before us. It’s a starting point. No more. No less. It will improve with our diligent attention and joint contributions. It needs you!
Speed & Scale, An Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis Now
“Is this how our story is due to end. A tale of the smartest species doomed by that all too human characteristic of failing to see the bigger picture in the pursuit of short term goals.”
—Sir David Attenborough, COP26
Heat, Toxins & Health
Every individual has a role to play. You might have to switch out your lawmakers…
We are past time for a new paradigm of the good life.”
Speed & Scale, An Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis Now


Ukraine’s Vast Wealth of Natural Resources | Russia’s Lone Fossil Fuel Industry

Washington (GGM) Analysis | Mary 10, 2022 by Noreen Wise, Founder & CEO of Gallant Gold Media, and author; Image Credit: AdobeStock Ukraine is a vast and beautiful landscape of arable land, rich in soil nutrients. It is home to an abundance of natural resources buried deep beneath the surface. Ukraine is ranked 4th in the world for highest […]

Deforestation in Amazon Is Driven by Consumption | Will this Lead to Our Demise?

Washington (GGM) Analysis | May 8, 2022 by Noreen Wise, Founder & CEO of Gallant Gold Media, and author; Image Credit: AdobeStock Deforestation numbers for January 2022 have just been released and reveal that a staggering number of trees were felled in the Amazon rainforest this winter. This, despite it being the rainy season when loggers usually stay away, and despite the fact […]

2022 Mustang Mach-E and Ford Promise Plan

Washington (GGM) Analysis | May 8, 2022 by Sarah J. Kings Many eco-conscious consumers are looking to electric vehicles, EVs, to help combat the climate crisis. EV’s are responsible for much lower emissions than their gas-powered counterparts, and they cost less overall to maintain and drive. Still, with starting prices ranging from $29,000 to upwards of […]

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501(c)3. Biodiversity is our purpose. Restoring our sterile suburban landscape with natural & biodiverse NATIVE habitat is our obsession.

Gallant Gold Media has partnered with Climate Action NOW nonprofit to restore biodiversity in our urban and suburban landscapes that was lost during overdevelopment. Click HERE.