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We’re an independent multi media company on a mission to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, biodiverse, eco-friendly carbon neutral culture. We educate the public on carbon drawdown through soil health and habitat restoration, as well as sustainability, and the general global climate crisis. Our Act Now for the Earth Cafe community is a quick drop-in online learning space, that includes regular events. Our main information delivery is engaging social media posts on the three major platforms. We have a budding product collection that was carefully chosen to make this an exciting transition.

Gallant Gold Media offers a positive culture of leadership and mentoring, passion, inspiration, and innovation in pursuit of the corporate mission of being a persuasive force in making the world a better place. Gallant prides itself in offering opportunities to a diverse group of like-minded people who are motivated to tackle stubborn challenges in a positive way and celebrate each and every step toward success.

Positive and inspirational corporate environment.

Act Now for the Earth Café

Gallant Gold Media’s Earth Café community is an ecosystem of passionate people.

Casual group eager to spark conversation, share tips on how to accelerate carbon drawdown through habitat restoration and soil health, and grow a sustainable culture. You’ll feel supported in your climate action efforts, and will appreciate the valuable insights. Very informative and helpful. The small doses of climate action specifics are shared through engaging online posts that seem more like a fun and enlightening quick conversation that you can easily absorb at your own pace when you have a few minutes between everything else you’re juggling.

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A large part of the content we provide is based on the work of pioneer soil health expert Gabe Brown of Brown’s Ranch in North Dakota. Gabe is author of Dirt to Soil: One Family’s Journey Into Regenerative Agriculture. Additionally, Gabe was a part of the award winning documentary Kiss the Ground, and was invited to speak to Congress about soil and climate change in March 2021 by the House Agriculture Committee. Gabe has partnered with a team of of soil experts and scientists who travel the world helping farmers restore the health of their soil through regenerative agriculture. What’s particularly noteworthy about Gabe and his work is that he educates us on how it came to be that degraded soil is directly related to global warming. And that when we restore our soil, it will absorb all the carbon we need to reverse climate change, while at the same time restore our health. Soil health and human health are also directly related.

The Earth Café is an online community.

We post and comment Monday – Friday, but don’t be surprised if we sneak in some bonus content over the weekend. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions to further your knowledge on these vitally important subjects.

Our dynamic, interactive information and learning ecosystem…

We look forward to providing vital tips that will help you create new micro habits that will lower your carbon footprint and save lives as you and your family and community transition to a sustainable, biodiverse, eco-friendly, carbon neutral culture.

Gallant Gold Media is an active part of the global coalition to save our habitat. We only have 5 years to pull this off. Let’s have fun while we learn new habits. 

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I have truly enjoyed joining ANFT Earth Cafe. The site effectively communicates the importance of climate action. Excellent in facilitating group discussions with other members.  Creates a positive environment without any negative reactions.  ~Shab, Virginia


As an environmental activist it is important to be connected with reliable news outlets and groups of people like myself. From the first time I saw a story on The Earth Cafe I was hooked. They cover a wide range of the most current environmental issues and offer easy ways to get involved and make a difference. Glad I became a member and have made many good connections and friends.  ~Fred, Arizona


Earth Cafe is such a great resource. It helps show you what is wrong and what is right with the environment. We need to know both of these things so we can preserve our fragile Earth, which has so much wonder. ~Michael, North Carolina

Free 30 minutes of strategy session so we can help you, your business and or family, transition into the future following the best climate action path for your situation.

Eco Tees

Green Tee: 100% organic. Earth positive. Climate neutral. Vegan Tees. Black or white.
6 designs, and more on the way.

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Wear the change you want to see in the world.

Lesson Plans

Check out our inspired learning lesson plans for grades K-12, and all you lifelong learners. These interactive kits will assist you in making carbon storage, climate action and sustainability easy to grasp and apply. Great for eager learners of all ages in all locations: cities, suburbs and rural communities.
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We are very excited about hosting pop-up nature events as well as unique carbon drawdown events that will inspire you to take action to help boost soil health and restore the habitat in our yards and our communities. We only need two weeks notice for group events. The majority of our other events will be online so we can accommodate members in all time zones with everyone’s busy schedules.
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Pocket Forest

Mini pocket forests that can be wedged into small open spaces in urban centers as well as in the suburbs, including yards in non HOA communities. Pocket forests result in a significant boost in carbon storage, and will dramatically improve human health and wildlife restoration.
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Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.

John Quincy Adams

Let’s save our planet together.


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No Way to Avoid Pain This Decade | Only Question is How Much

Washington (GGM) Analysis | November 24, 2021 by author and climate journalist Noreen Wise Not only is climate inaction more expensive than climate action, it’s also a lot more painful. Fact: there is absolutely no way for us to stay below 1.5ºC without experiencing pain. We have to muscle up and get ready for a whole lot of unpleasantness. […]

10 New Insights Every US Community MUST Apply to Their Climate Action Plans

Washington (GGM) Analysis | November 17, 2021 by author and climate journalist Noreen Wise Have you ever had to look into the future, and face the hard cold truth about the likelihood of succeeding at a life-threatening quest, then create an action plan that you hoped would guide you toward a “life” versus “death” outcome?  Or are there any […]

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Anything challenging is always easier when we have great music to put our minds in the right place, especially for daunting challenges that require massive amounts of grit for a prolonged period of time. Climate Action and Climate Justice are two such issues.

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