The Simple Things, an Experiment

Since the simple things in life are everywhere, seriously they are, we all have equal access to these cures no matter what our income bracket. These readily available therapeutic wonders become easy remedies for the majority of ailments, most notably stress.

In fact, so many cities and towns that were developed properly, with parks, trails, a river perhaps, stream, any kind of waterway or shoreline, provide the opportunity to break away from an intense day of juggling responsibilities to enjoy a moment of clean fresh air in a beautiful natural setting, and fragrant flora to top it off (during certain seasons anyway), absorbing nature using all five senses.

Add in exercise, and we can return home with a clear mind, a fresh outlook, and feeling totally revived. This is powerful. Incredibly valuable.

Perhaps you’ll test this theory, create an experiment and find out for yourself. Discover the local havens tucked in your community and outlying area. Experience the benefits of these simple rejuvenating pleasures that improve quality of life.

I’ve always loved nature, have visited many National Parks, and spend several hours each week hiking the nearby mountain. One of the richest parts of my day during my work week is my trek to the office from my parking spot a mile away (where it’s free). My colleagues think this is bizarre. But I love it, and receive an untold number of positives from it. I wouldn’t want to do it any differently (even when I’m left to battle the elements). Yes torrential rain a time or two. High winds. Snow and ice. Yet, it’s the historic part of town, built in the 1700’s so I’m enthralled with the architecture, and have become quite the architectural student during my wanderings. The birds chirping in the morning seems especially enamoring, (there must be a company that sells bird chirping soundtracks for spa visits). Vivid gardens. By the time I arrive at the office, I’m feeling so cheerful that my colleagues raise an eyebrow.

Anyway, I hope you’ll find out for yourself…

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