The Long Run

Every single day we make many small decisions, an excessive multitude really: what time to wake up in the morning, what to wear that day, what to eat, which route to take to work, how to prioritize the day, whether or not to work-out…on and on and on.

Behind every decision, typically hidden in our subconscious, is a second consideration that we’re usually not fully aware of, but will definitely impact us in unexpected ways in the future, as well those who are connected to us. Often very negative ways. This second consideration that plays a role in decision making is: what’s best in the short run versus what’s best in the long run? The answer is rarely the same.

Typically, something that’s good for us in the short run has a negative impact in the long run. When something has an immediate benefit, we’re lured to make this choice. We’re INSTANTLY rewarded with a positive which seems to assure us that we made the correct decision.

But tomorrow will eventually arrive, at which time we’ll be forced to reckon with our decision and accept the consequence(s) of making the wrong choice in the long run. The double-fold challenge over time, over the long run, is that the consequence(s) seem to be substantially greater than the immediate rewards received when making a decision based on the short term.

Eventually, hopefully anyway, we may come to realize that all decisions should be made with long term benefits in mind. Using this as a guide,  we then never really have to worry about the future, which provides an unexpected short term positive that we thought we were forfeiting when we decided to make the best choice in the long run. ~

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