Importance of Spanish, Thomas Jefferson

During these tumultuous times with trump as President, and with Steve Bannon on the attack with a longterm mission of destroying our American institutions and our democracy as well, this so that he can establish his own “bright idea,” it’s important to remain grounded and revert back to our Founding Fathers’ beliefs and intentions in setting up the ROCK SOLID DEMOCRACY of the United States of America.

Immigration is a particular focus since trump is aggressively wiping out Immigration as we know it, Immigration as we’ve always believed it to be, and Immigration that led our ancestors to make America their home.

In the words of Thomas Jefferson, expressed in a letter to Peter Carr (Jefferson’s nephew and the Justice of the Peace for Albemarle County) of Virginia on August 10, 1787 while Jefferson was Minister of France in Paris:

“2.Spanish. Bestow great attention on this, and endeavor to acquire an accurate knowledge of it. Our future connections with Spain and Spanish America will render that language a valuable acquisition. The antient history of a great part of America too is written in that language. I send you a dictionary.”

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