Can Trump Go To Jail? | Perspective

Trump’s Pending Interview with Mueller

The irony of what could potentially happen if Trump perjures himself while under oath with Mueller is pronounced. Trump’s incessant cry to “Lock her up! Lock her up!” during his 2016 campaign, creates the visual image of a boomerang turning and hurling its way toward Trump.

Can Trump actually go to jail if he lies to Mueller?

In the United States, “the general perjury statue under federal law classifies perjury as a felony and provides for a prison sentence of up to five years.”

A tweet by Congressman Ted Lieu yesterday evening (January 23, 2018) stated unequivocally “that there are no words in the U.S. Constitution that say the President can’t be prosecuted for committing crimes, including Obstruction of Justice or Perjury.”

Many governors have gone to jail. Ex-Governor John Roland of Connecticut went to jail twice. The first crime, was a corruption charge for accepting illegal gifts – ten month sentence. Roland returned to prison a decade later when he was convicted of seven charges, one of which was falsifying records, another conspiracy.

When Trump was deposed in 2007, after he sued author Timothy L. O’Brien for “raising questions about his net worth,” Trump lied 30 times during the deposition. The reason Trump sued O’Brien was that Trump claimed his net worth was $5 billion, but O’Brien learned and published that Trump’s net worth was really only $150 – $250 million. So it was a lie that landed Trump in the deposition in the first place.

Trump is 71 years old. His hourly habit, every day of every year, is that of lying, 24/7. It’s as though his brain is severely trained to utter whatever he wants to believe which makes him incapable of checking himself. The odds are 100% likely that Trump will lie under oath. Trump’s doctor just announced to the world that Trump has no cognitive impairment. So when we learn that Trump did lie to Mueller during the interview, Trump won’t be able to claim he’s cognitively impaired.

Earlier today, as Trump was heading to Davos, Switzerland…when asked by reporters if he’d agree to be interviewed by Mueller (remember, last week Mike Pence declined to speak with Mueller; Steve Bannon declined the week before that), but Trump replied, “I’m looking forward to it… I would love to do that and I’d like to do it as soon as possible.”

So, with a nearly 100% likelihood that Trump will perjure himself, and with the nearly 100% guarantee that Mueller can prove Obstruction, is it possible that Trump will land in jail?

There’s arguments on both sides I guess. No precedent on one, not against the constitution on the other. It seems likely that all the legal minds are busy strategizing. Mueller appears to have a big picture approach to everything though. Trump might end up guilty of lying and belonging in jail, but still not land there.

Maybe someone will mastermind a fitting punishment where the U.S. government confiscates all Trump properties and uses them to pay down the national debt that will begin skyrocketing by year’s end. Or better yet, cover all the vital programs for children, the elderly, veterans, the disabled, the Island of Puerto Rico, refugees, etc that Trump slashed.

And Trump will spend his retirement years in a middle class community in Queens, riding the 7 Train into Midtown, baseball cap pulled low hiding the contorted horror he feels about the fate that’s befallen him, earbuds stuffed deep into his ear wells, Billy Joel’s You May Be Right, I May Be Crazy drowning out his misery.


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