Military Parade, Trump’s Ignorance is Monumentally Disturbing | Perspective

I was born into a military family that dates back to Pearl Harbor and beyond. My great uncle Gus was trekking to his plane the morning of December 7, 1941 when the bomb’s began to drop. He was injured, but survived, although his plane was destroyed.

One of my uncles graduated from West Point. Several cousins from Annapolis. A brother and many other cousins were ROTC. My ex-husband was an Air Force pilot. I’ve spent the better half of the past three decades enjoying the most phenomenal military events I could ever hope to experience:

  • Fleet Week Manhattan over Memorial Day Weekend (began in 1982)
  • Fleet Week San Francisco Bay
  • Thunderbirds and the US Air Force Air Show (x 7, these are annual events), Thunderbirds began in 1953
  • Blue Angels (dates back to 1946)
  • Twilight Tattoo at Arlington (Wednesday evenings at 7:00p May – August since 1961)
  • Sunset Parade at Iwo Jima (Tuesday evenings Spring – Summer, dating back to 1956)
  • And there’s many more annual tributes to our exceptional military forces

Trump appears to be oblivious to these annual national wonders. Based on his announcement last week of his desire for a North Korea style Military Parade in DC,  I was left with the impression that Trump has never had the good fortune of attending any of these time honored “American” traditions paying tribute to our heroic veterans.

How sad.

Further, based on the uncanny timing – midweek following the Nunes Memo that didn’t end up halting the Mueller investigation as Trump hoped– it’s reasonable to deduce that Trump’s mission was to use his North Korean style Military Parade to instill fear into the American citizens who oppose Trump and his alarming anti-American agenda…this would be the media, the resistance, all Democrats, protestors, and most importantly (as far as Trump is concerned) the Mueller Investigation itself.

I envision that perhaps Trump might have recalled (with glee) one lonely dark turbulent night last week, the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989, latching onto this as his weapon of last resort as the Mueller Investigation closes in. This is the only explanation that makes reasonable sense after the confluence of so many extreme news stories last week, out of which flowed the Military Parade brainchild.

It’s clear these exceptional military events listed above date back many, many decades. So the explanation Trump provided for a DC military parade isn’t rational.

Sure, the expense is a very sound reason for the Legislature and the military to block it. So the point is probably already mute. But the real takeaway here is extracting Trump’s motive for requesting a North Korea style Military Parade. This way we can have heightened awareness about Trump’s state of mind.

I’m sure all of us have wondered from time-to-time how this nightmare will end. I for one am exponentially more alarmed today than I was a week ago as I factor in Trump’s disturbing thought process that lead to his decision to initiate a massive military intimidation parade in our nation’s capital.

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