How to turn Plastic Free July into Plastic Free Forever!

Washington (GGM) Analysis | July 31, 2020 by Sarah J. Kings

We encounter so many choices throughout the day— cream or sugar, french fries or salad, paper or plastic.  No matter how small the decision may seem, each choice is an opportunity to vote.  Each and everything you do as a consumer is significant; it tells corporations and businesses what is important to you, what you are willing to compromise on, and what you are unwilling to be a part of.

If you participated in Plastic Free July this summer, your vote against plastic waste was cast 30 times in a row!  You, along with 250 million others, told the world that it’s time to ditch destructive single-use plastics.  According to the  2019 Annual Report produced by the Plastic Free Foundation, in July alone, this initiative was responsible for avoiding 825 million kg of plastic waste.  With the upward trend in membership and participation of this non-profit group, the 2020 report should show an even greater impact!

Twitter – @Greenpeace

Now that it’s August, let’s keep the momentum going. Last year, 16% of Plastic Free July participants were inspired to continue their efforts throughout the year. Keep making the decision to choose sustainable and reusable bags, cups, and straws, and that percentage is sure to rise.

Visit the Plastic Free Foundation’s What Can You Do page for more information on how to change up your routine for the better! Whether you switch up the type of laundry supplies you buy, or you simply buy a bamboo toothbrush, let people know! Tweet your successes with hashtags that promote sustainability and a plastic-free lifestyle. Doing so will motivate you to keep going, and it will inspire others to do the same.

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  •  Everything you do as a consumer is significant
  • In July 2019, the Plastic Free Foundation was responsible for avoiding 825 million kg of plastic waste
  • 250 million people participated in Plastic Free July in 2019
  • 16% of participants continued on with plastic-free lifestyle changes throughout the year

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