What You Need to Know to Go Solar During Pandemic

Washington (GGM) Analysis | August 17, 2020 by Sarah J. Kings

While solar power has previously been thought to be a beacon of hope for the environment and the economy, the industry is currently in crisis.  Amid COVID 19, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) published a press release availing quarter two outcomes.  

Prior to the pandemic, it was projected that solar energy projects would offer 302,000 Americans jobs by June of 2020.  Instead, the industry saw a job loss of 114,000 workers. SEIA  states, “The Q2 solar deployment losses are equivalent to powering 288,000 homes and $3.2 billion in economic investment.”  This type of down-turn sets the solar workforce back to levels seen in 2014. 

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In the same press release, SEIA blames a lack of “strategic government action” for this setback.  However, they also state, “with the right policies in place, the solar industry is poised to lead the U.S. out of this economic recession and create jobs for thousands of Americans.”

Just recently, the association published a COVID 19 resource guide for the solar industry.  Alongside this guide, they have launched a social media campaign, #RebuildBetter,  to build awareness and advocate for the necessary policies to support solar energy.

Now is the perfect time to jump in and switch to renewable energy for your household. It’s super simple to get started. Just click on EnergySage.com to get a free quote and learn about the incentives and rebates in your area. EnergySage will calculate the costs and benefits. Check it out today. It can’t hurt to find out more information about this critical technology. To take advantage of rare incentives, get a free quote today.

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There are five main things you can do to support the solar industry in this time of need. 

  • Submit a Solar Power Testimonial to the SEIA
  • Make a personal or company-related donation to support solar-related COVID 19 relief efforts
  • Submit company project-level data to EIA
  • Support the campaign #RebuildBetter
  • Go to EnergySage.com for information and a free quote for installing solar panels to your house. 

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