2021 GreenUp Action Plan

Be a part of Gallant Gold Media’s GreenUp Action Plan. We’re helping plant trees & gardens in our communities to remember those we’ve lost to Covid while simultaneously rebuilding our habitat and restoring our quality of life.

The protection of the environment is essential for the survival of the United States.

James Madison

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The 4 Pillars of Gallant Gold Media’s 2021 GreenUp Action Plan

Tree Planting in Local Communities

Trees for Love campaign plants trees to remember those we’ve lost to Covid.

We have local events during spring and fall planting season where we give out free seedlings to homeowners to plant at home. Planning ahead is tough during Covid.

Green Up events, hope to schedule soon.
● CITY: details coming soon
● TIME: pending
● LOCATION: details coming soon
● Must order in advance. First come first serve.

Greening Up Our Communities with Layers of Nature

We are super excited to restore our habitat in local communities by planting gardens to remember those we lost to Covid through a series of partnerships:

● Local nurseries/landscapers will assist with planting gardens with multiple green layers in designated locations, following a site selection process.
● Our goal is to replicate the breadth and depth of the pavilion gardens that Thomas Jefferson designed when he mapped out his Academical Village in Charlottesville. The gardens were further developed by UVA. (See images at bottom of the page.) We’ll also be tying in the historic Bartram’s Gardens in Philadelphia.
● Virginia creeper on brick and stone commercial and government buildings.
● Planting shrubs below trees and along fence lines.
● Adding understory to private groves of trees.
● Virginia communities are major focus in 2021.
● More details coming soon.
● LOCATION: Starting in Fairfax County, Northern Virginia and beyond.

Lobbying State Legislators to Pass Tree Protection Bills

Very few states and localities have bills protecting trees from being removed. It’s time to start lobbying.
● Virginia is our primary focus. The CEO of Gallant Gold Media, Noreen Wise, submitted proposed Tree Protection and Restoration legislation to her Virginia state delegate on January 12, 2021. The proposed legislation included tax incentives for homeowners planting in their yards. We’ll keep you informed on the outcome.
●Get excited to become involved in contacting your state representatives
● Invite friends and family to participate.

We’re Creating a Forest in North Dakota

No time for missed opportunities:

● California just lost more than a billion mature trees in the devastating wildfires.
●North Dakota has millions of acres of wide-open space and sits at only 1.72% forestation.
●Beautiful ponderosa pines, elms and cottonwoods are native to North Dakota.
● We’ve just formed a partnership with private ranch owner Byron Richard to grow a forest on his property in North Dakota. The forest will be called Ponderosa Pines Ranch where thousands of ponderosa pines will be planted, as well as other natives, to remember those we’ve lost to Covid. The location is close to Theodore Roosevelt National Park where buffalo roam free, as well as the wonderful town of Medora, several Native American reservations, and much more. Follow our progress.
●Would you like to help sponsor this inspiring tree planting project to remember those we lost to Covid. Just click for more information: individual sponsors, corporate sponsors.

Pavilion Gardens in Thomas Jefferson’s Academical Village


We’re looking for someone just like you, who made it all the way to the bottom of the page, to be a part of our GreenUp Force of Nature. We hope you’ll join in our campaign by becoming an Individual Sponsor and Leave Your Mark On the World.

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