What To Do if You’re Feeling Like Miley | Vegan Scene

Washington (GGM) Analysis | July 24, 2020 by Sarah J. Kings Whether you have been vegan for a long time or are new to the scene, you probably saw that Miley Cyrus made headlines after her interview with Joe Rogan on September 3rd, 2020. Cyrus shocked listeners and fans when she revealed that she is […]

Climate Change and the Explosive Book: Environmental Hazards, Are You Exposed?

The United States is at the very bottom of the Climate Action Tracker (CAT), tier 6, “Critically Insufficient.” The CAT monitors how countries are progressing toward “the globally agreed aim” of 1.5ºC. / 2.7ºF. A major factor in the rise in temperature, despite all the effort, has a lot to do with our insufficient progress in carbon drawdown as a result of soil degradation and deforestation.

Vegan Junk Food Without Palm Oil?! | Vegan Scene

Washington (GGM) Analysis | July 23, 2021 by Sarah J. Kings According to Lacey Bourassa, of Plant, there has been a 500% increase in consumers identifying as being vegan within the last six years. Whether people are switching up their eating habits for ethical, health, feminist, or ecological reasons- or a combination- it is […]

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