“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.” ~Steve Jobs


Gallant Gold Media
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Pursuing dreams is about grit!


“The only source of knowledge is experience.” ~Albert Einstein

Noreen Wise is the oldest daughter of Robert J. Wise, former Executive Vice President of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, and great grand daughter of Hugh Walsh, Founder and President of Walsh Katrine Gold Mines, Timmins, Canada.


Hugh Walsh staked and claimed the most valuable gold property in the Western Hemisphere, but died under mysterious circumstances in Montreal on July 24, 1929. All of his gold patents were transferred to a mysterious woman, Edna Calbeck,  who claimed to be his widow, when in fact she was not. Rather, she was a close associate of Hugh Walsh’s business partner, and together the two confiscated all of Hugh Walsh’s assets, leaving his real wife and eight children back home in Toronto with nothing.

Ms. Wise investigated the death of her great grandfather for the family as well as the disappearance of all his assets. In the end, the only resolution that brought Wise closure was creating her own company that included “Gold” in the name to honor her great grandfather.

Walsh was born on a ship in New York Harbor in 1877 and made his way up the East Coast, through Boston and Nova Scotia, landing in Timmins, Ontario where he was seduced into the glittering possibilities that gold offered. Hugh Walsh was a fearless prospector who traveled the frozen Canadian terrain on dog sled during the harsh, perilous winters, proving his fierce determination, and placing himself at the right place at the right time which enabled him to stake and claim dozens of properties that eventually he was able to patent. At his death, Walsh was joint owner of over two dozen gold patents which today would be worth $5 Billion.

Wise has extensive sales and sales management experience, excelling for large corporations that include AT&T, Macy’s West and The Limited. Additionally, she was a sales management over-achiever for an elite, private, high-end boutique corporation, Joan & David in Princeton, NJ, headquartered on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. These positions in sales management, in her early career, provided her with exceptional experience of running all aspects of multi million dollar businesses. Her consistent sustained rank at the top of her sales tier, has provided her with confident assurance that she will meet, and exceed, expectations.

Alongside her professional career, Wise pursued the arts as a passionate hobby. Photography, graphic design, theater, music, documentary film making, and writing. But then one dark day, at her father’s insistence, at his bedside just before his death, she took the bold step of transforming her hobby into a career and founded Gallant Gold Media LLC.



Women-Owned Small Business
511130  Book Publishers
512110  Motion Picture Video Production
519130  Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and WEB
541613  Marketing Consulting Services
541922  Commercial Photography
611430  Professional and Management Development
711510  Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers
813319  Other Social Advocacy Organizations

TIN 82-1878044
DUNS 117236172


Ms. Wise is very active in the following organizations:

  • Women in Film & Video Washington DC
  • NSBA Leadership Council
  • NSBA Small Business Technology Council
  • NSBA Economic Development Committee
  • The Kennedy Center
  • Friends of the Smithsonian
  • US Botanic Garden Friend
  • Moms Demand Action | Fairfax
  • Citizens Climate Lobby | Fairfax
  • Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce
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