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Founder, CEO & Managing Director
Gallant Gold Media

  • Great presentation — lots of energy and a fine grasp of your craft. Thanks for your insights. ~Jim D
  • You were so enthusiastic — and willing to share your joy in your work. I want to go home and write! ~Fredie C
  • I would like to thank you for all the encouragement you’ve given me. You and I both
    hope this signature will be worth millions.
    ~Stephanie G
  • Thanks for the inspiration — I loved it. ~Judy M
  • Thank you for an enjoyable & informative workshop! I feel inspired! ~Erika H
  • Thank you for your wonderful workshop. It was the jump start I needed. Thanks for
    your generosity to new writers. Best wishes for your success.
    ~Shaun D
  • Thank you for the honesty & inspiration! ~ Derek I
  • Noreen, you are a marvelous speaker & teacher. I’m looking forward to reading your novel. ~Miriane H
  • Thank you so much. I learned a lot. I am happy for your success. ~Mary Sue G
  • Great meeting you, your talk was very helpful, informative! ~ Paul B
  • Noreen, what a delight you are! I enjoyed every word… all the insights… your wonderful imagination, your thought process, your kindness & great ability to share to give as you gave tonight — so graciously and lovely you are. ~Rose Anne S
  • Noreen, this workshop was enlightening and excellent. I’m sure it will help me going forward with my book. ~Amanda B
  • What wonderful ideas. Thank you. ~Mata K
  • Noreen, really enjoyed your enthusiasm. ~Joyce G
  • You are terrific & will be hugely successful, not only for who you are, but for all you give. “Whatever you give out comes back 10 fold.” ~ Wendy S
  • Thank for the inspiration! ~Therese V
  • Noreen, you were enchanting, captivating & knowledgeable in offering your expertise
    on how to write a novel, etc. Thank you so much for being who you are. God bless you.
    ~Bre N
  • Great fun! ~Steve B
  • Noreen, I’m the San Francisco screenwriter. I love your enthusiasm. I love that I found my voice. Good luck out there. ~Leo M
  • Thanks so much — your workshop was great. ~Theresa G
  • Noreen, thanks for your enthusiasm and joy! ~Judy K
  • Your workshop was very inspirational. Thanks… ~Marjorie T
  • Noreen, thanks for your great presentation. Loved your enthusiasm & good tips. ~Bill W
  • Thank you for your inspiration. Take care and wonderful wishes to you. ~Kari L
  • I found your presentation very helpful and encouraging. ~ June B
  • Noreen, your joy and enthusiasm and knowledge are inspiring & contagious. You’re the best! ~Andrea J
  • Thanks for the tips, you are wonderful. ~Wayne F
  • An excellent presentation, very helpful. ~Mabelle L
  • Dear Noreen, I truly enjoyed your workshop. You are down-to-earth and I appreciate that. ~Rossana S
  • Thanks for the information and the inspiration — now I’m ready for the perspiration. ~Michael G
  • You were very informative. Thanks! ~Robin P
  • Thank you so much for your time, knowledge and the ability to make the complex simple. ~David B
  • Thanks for an inspiring presentation, Noreen! ~Christine W
  • Thank you for a wonderful presentation! You have inspired me not to give up. ~Carol T
  • Thank you for your patience, passion & energy. ~ Daniel M
  • Noreen, thanks for the inspiration and the insight into the process of storytelling. ~Vickie M
  • Noreen, thank you. You are surely a model of living the American Dream. ~Charlotte B
  • Thanks, I learned a great deal. ~Anita M
  • Inspiring! ~Marian M
  • Thank you for your enthusiasm and obvious love for storytelling. ~ Rhonda J
  • I find it inspiring to meet someone, like yourself, who stays the course and succeeds. ~Chris F
  • Thanks for inspiring me to persevere with my writing. ~ Ashly T
  • Thanks for a delightful and informative afternoon. I hope to follow in your footsteps. ~Jane D
  • Thank you so much! You have inspired me to pick up the pen again. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it extremely informative. ~Dasy B
  • Dear Noreen, you have inspired me to write “EVERY DAY” again. Your very interesting stories show how your life seems to have followed paths that may have seemed random at the time, but eventually fell into a meaningful order. Thank you, ~Fran S
  • Noreen, you’re gifted.. ~ Ken D
  • Noreen, you have a great honesty and kindness about you. (I’m a good judge of “soul.”) You are a success and the good spirits are with you. Peace ~Salli R
  • Noreen, you are the best! You are such a mentor for me. Best wishes ~ Monica H
  • Noreen, very inspirational — I’m going to start on the next five pages tomorrow. ~Janice B
  • Noreen, thanks for the encouragement. ~Evelyn B
  • I wish you the very best and hope your dreams all come true. “I’m still dreaming too.” ~ Vicki
  • Noreen, thanks for the informative and encouraging seminar. ~Kent C
  • You have encouraged me to keep writing every day. It is so true — if you don’t, time goes by, and the excuses become larger and more important (to the procrastinator). Thanks, ~Eddy B
  • So much more than expected! Your presentation left an impression on me. ~ Karen R
  • Thank you for inspiring me, you have a great spirit. ~Lisa B
  • I enjoyed your lecture — hope to use the information when I start my writing career. ~Rose C
  • Very interesting talk. ~ Judith C
  • Thanks for your time, it provided direction. ~Chris L
  • Thank you for being so practical and motivated. ~Muriel M
  • Your energy and spirit were wonderful. Thanks for sharing. ~Sue-Ellen K
  • Thank you for your help and inspiration. ~Maureen D
  • Good luck and keep talking and writing. Thanks for all your information and motivation. ~Florenece G
  • Noreen, you are “The Best” — inspirational and phenomenal! Keep writing! Love & Best Wishes ~ Nora T
  • Noreen, Thank you, what an inspiration. ~Sharon T
  • Thank you for sharing, your energy is contagious. ~Yvonne P
  • I enjoyed your talk very much. I am a frustrated writer who may someday be able to use all the wonderful thoughts you so generously shared. ~Judith L
  • You’ve made me see the possible. Thanks! ~Saralyn T
  • Thank you for being so generous in sharing the “MAGIC”! Very practical tips. ~Natalie M
  • Thank you for your honest and helpful discussion, Noreen. ~Joan E
  • Very interesting. ~Judy A
  • Noreen, Great help & tips — work, work, work — market, market, market! What fun it is — ~Karen S
  • Thank you very much for the solid, purposeful approach to novel craftsmanship! I am inspired to take the manuscript to the next level. ~Peter S
  • Thank you for your time, enthusiasm and expertise. ~Vicki D
  • I enjoyed your talk very much. You illustrated some points very well & very vividly. I am looking forward to reading your book. ~Marta M
  • Thanks so much for your interesting and fun evening. ~Beverlee S
  • Thank you! You are an inspiration. ~Anna L
  • Thanks for the motivation! ~Lauretta S
  • Thanks so much for your time. I have learned so much from you. ~Teresa L
  • Great workshop. You have amazing energy. ~Bryan A
  • It’s obvious you’re a gifted teacher. Thanks for sharing your wonderful energy. ~ Win D
  • Noreen, Thanks for good advice from someone very nice. I know that some day I’ll be famous because I was in your presence. ~ Betty M

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