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Gallant Gold Media’s Earth Café community is an ecosystem of knowledgeable people.

Some are authors and journalists and various experts, as well as citizen scientists and naturalists and climate activists who are eager to share the inside scoop on how to accelerate the drawdown of legacy load carbon that’s stored in the atmosphere, and locking it away safely in our soil. You’ll find this vital information very educational, yet the small doses of insights are shared through engaging posts that seem more like a fun and enlightening quick conversation that you can easily absorb at your own pace when you have a few minutes between everything else you’re juggling.

The Earth Café is an online community.

We post and comment Monday – Friday, but don’t be surprised if we sneak in some bonus content over the weekend. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions to further your knowledge on these vitally important subjects.

Our dynamic, interactive information and learning ecosystem…

…is based on the work and research of North Dakota regenerative agriculture farmer and advocate, author (Dirt to Soil), educator and public speaker, Gabe Brown, as well as Environmental Hazards expert — with a stunning 30 years of experience — Fred Siegel, and the acclaimed research of award winning soil scientist Rattan Lal at OSU.

We look forward to providing vital tips that will help you, your family and community transition to a sustainable, biodiverse, eco-friendly, carbon neutral culture and footprint.

Gallant Gold Media is an active part of the global coalition to save our habitat. We only have 5 years to pull this off. Let’s have fun while we learn new habits. 

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Lesson Plans

Gallant Gold Media invites you to check out our inspired learning lesson plans for grades K-12, and all you lifelong learners. These interactive kits will assist you in making carbon storage, climate action and sustainability easy to grasp and apply. Great for eager learners of all ages in all locations: cities, suburbs and rural communities.
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We are very excited about hosting pop-up nature events as well as unique carbon drawdown events that will inspire you to take action to help boost soil health and restore the habitat in our yards and our communities. We only need two weeks notice for group events. The majority of our other events will be online so we can accommodate members in all time zones with everyone’s busy schedules.
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Pocket Forest

Mini pocket forests that can be wedged into small open spaces in urban centers as well as in the suburbs, including yards in non HOA communities. Pocket forests result in a significant boost in carbon storage, and will dramatically improve human health and wildlife restoration.
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Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.

John Quincy Adams

Let’s save our habitat together.

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