Capitalizing on Comey’s Example | Perspective


“Each celestial body, in fact each and every atom, produces a particular sound on account of its movement, its rhythm or vibration. All these sounds and vibrations form a universal harmony in which each element, while having its own function and character, contributes to the whole.”  ~Pythagoras

Reading Comey’s book, listening to all his interviews, processing his professionalism in the face of so many tough questions – after all, at this point, he’s hated by both Democrats and Republicans in equal measure, but simultaneously loved and admired by millions across the globe – I felt enlightened. These past few days, it appeared that the majority of news outlets wanted Comey to know how annoyed they were with him. And how much they objected to his actions regarding Clinton’s email investigation just before the election, and his creating memos while interacting with the newly sworn in Trump. I was stunned by Michael Barbaro’s seeming disdain of Comey while he interviewed him for “The Daily.” (Barbaro was far more neutral with Scott Pruitt and Steve Bannon.)

Yet, Comey maintained an even strain despite the consistent harsh antagonism. He kept plugging away at his answers… proving through his actions what real leadership looks like. I appreciated this. We need more of it. (After watching Session’s Senate Hearing where he couldn’t recall ANYTHING, and Pruitt’s grilling by the Senate EPW Committee where he couldn’t remember anything either… how refreshing that an American leader answered every single question in a public setting. Actually, it was stunning.)

It seems that this type of “step up to the plate without being asked” is the highly beneficial lemonade of Trump’s presidency. It’s the best example of what we all need to do in our own way, in our local communities, professional communities, and any other organization we’re involved with.

“Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” ~ General Patton

Thousands and thousands of Americans are jumping in from the sidelines to lead. Hundreds of Republican leaders, who’ve alarmed the world by posing as huge barriers these past fourteen months, are now finally getting out of the way.  (Thank you! Yes, please keep resigning and retiring.) And millions are now awake, eyes open, looking for leaders to guide the way out of all this darkness.

Comey is an anomaly. Maybe that’s the true sign of a truly independent leader. What I admire the most about Comey today, Friday April 20, 2018, is that he’s very gifted, actually skilled, highly experienced at responding to stringent questions without being ruffled. He also walks the talk. I’m grateful for his expertise and his willingness to place himself under an adversary’s microscope in public and walk away without looking back. This is what I believe our founding father’s did in the late 1700’s. They spoke and wrote from the heart. It created massive convulsions in the colonies… which transformed a rough and tumble “experiment” into the bold and mighty United States of America.

Fired FBI Director James Comey has unleashed the American Spirit that has been held captive ever since Trump was elected. His book and his intrepid statements are the path forward.

Look at our American high school students. They make “step up to the plate without being asked” look so easy. They’re impassioned by strong convictions about what threatens their pursuit of happiness. They too are great examples for the country.

Nineteen years ago today, at Columbine High School in Columbine, Colorado, two male students massacred peers and teachers for 49 minutes – killing 13 students, 1 teacher and injuring 23 others – before putting bullets through their own heads. This was the first school massacre in modern U.S. history.

Today 170,000 students walked out of class in protest of gun violence in American schools, and in memory of the those slaughtered and injured in Columbine in 1999. These amazing students won’t stop until common sense gun laws are passed. People who truly care about others are what makes change possible. These students truly care about each other.

I couldn’t help but note the irony of Comey’s book dedication: “To my former colleagues, the career people of the Department of Justice and the FBI, whose lasting commitment to truth keeps our country great.” ~ James Comey, A Higher Loyalty

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A Quiet Place | DoubleTake by REGGIE WOLTZ


It’s for the Kids


Gimmicks in horror movies are a dime-a-dozen. The sheer number of found footage films intending to recreate the success of The Blair Witch Project should be enough evidence of that. Saw and Final Destination have spawned a collective ten sequels based on their original stratagem. Even classic franchises have fallen victim to this trend. “Camp Crystal Lake isn’t cutting it anymore? Let’s put Jason in space. Wait, you mean that didn’t work? Okay, get Freddy in here.” The incessant need for creativity in the horror genre often reeks of desperation, so it’s natural to get nervous when new one-trick ponies come around.

That said, A Quiet Place is not your average pony. Sure, it’s all about being silent (there are maybe fifteen lines of dialogue in the whole movie), but there’s more to it than that. The film’s creative team is your first clue. Based on a story by the filmmaking duo of Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, the movie is also heavily influenced by actor, writer, and first-time director John Krasinski. The screenplay itself is well balanced between examining its post-apocalyptic world and the inner workings of its main characters. But Krasinski, who described this film as a love letter to his family in promotional interviews, has his fingerprints all over it as he molds a horror movie with the purpose of making you cry as many times as you scare.

The film’s direction is surprisingly masterful for the product of a first-timer. Echoing the attention to detail and character building that Jordan Peele built into his 2017 film debut, A Quiet Place doesn’t waste a single second of its 95 minute runtime. It sets up almost all of its major plot points well before they happen, simultaneously grounding everything into a reasonable reality. Examples include the nail that the laundry bag pulls up on the stairs, the waterfall scene explaining the logic of launching the fireworks, and the use of a cochlear implant to defeat a monster. Those are the obvious ones, but smaller details like the brief appearance of the oxygen tank, the bloody footprints left by the wife, and the boy playing with the truck’s controls all come back to influence the plot with subtle effectiveness.

Going back to the comparison with Get Out, John Krasinski’s film has two major legs up. One is that it is much more of a genre film, using tension and jump scares with precision. The other is the emotional pull of the characters in A Quiet Place. Take the first scenes of each movie. Instead of building the mystery of the antagonists, the way that Peele does with his “Run, Rabbit, Run” kidnapping, Krasinski chooses to set up the emotional arc for each character by killing the youngest member of the family. The effect is that, as an audience, we want to see the main characters live more than we want to see the villains die.

This point gets driven home late in the film, right around the time that the father sacrifices himself. The emotional arc of the relationship between him and his daughter is the backbone of this film, and it is redeemed beautifully in this scene and the final battle. For a genre horror movie with a gimmick, I really didn’t expect to feel as strongly as I did for its characters. In that, I consider this film to have pulled off a minor miracle. Then again, maybe I’m just getting soft.

In all, John Krasinksi wrote a love letter to his family and that letter definitely got delivered. This film scares, intrigues and conjures emotion in equal measures. The story is tight, the character performances are top notch and the sound design makes good on the gimmick that its premise promises. Now, if only all horror movies could actually make me feel for its protagonists. That’s a ruse I would actually like to see catch on.

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Nicky Scarfo, Donald Trump, James Comey | Perspective


With James Comey’s long awaited book “A Higher Loyalty” being released today Tuesday April 17, 2018, and with the leaked excerpt making headlines the Friday before the official release (February 13, 2018), which was followed immediately by the bombing of Syria Friday – a news story that ran parallel to publisher Macmillan’s unofficially disclosed excerpts, with some outlets implying that the two were connected in a cause & effect kind of relationship – it may be worth drilling down on one of the critical talking points of Comey’s leaked excerpt.

“Flashbacks to my earlier career as a prosecutor against the Mob. The silent circle of assent. The boss in complete control. The loyalty oaths. The us-versus-them worldview. The lying about all things, large and small, in service to some code of loyalty that put the organization above morality and above the truth.” ~ James Comey, ‘A Higher Loyalty’

This pretty much sums everything up in a pinpointed nutshell.

It’s 100% how I’ve felt these past fifteen months… it’s the impression the vast majority of Americans have had ever since Trump was inaugurated. In short, I find Comey’s leaked excerpt particularly significant. It validates our unsettled feelings and concerns about all things Trump. It seems to be very reason why the book is entitled A Higher Loyalty, and the explanation behind why Comey was fired. But most importantly, this specific paragraph might have otherwise gotten drowned out by the many thousands of other paragraphs that will soon be discussed for days, weeks and months to come.

Isolating the exact pinpoint around which all the conflicts circle, is what I’d hope for from the fired Director of the FBI with a higher loyalty who’s releasing his memoir while Tump is still in office, while we’re still battling the many immense polarized issues, all while the Russia Hurricane is thrashing our nation from coast-to-coast. Comey’s mastery of skills, and his prowess, which lead him to become the Director of the FBI, a career that was cut short because of his patriotism and deep moral convictions… is still incredibly valuable. Comey may have lost his job, but he didn’t lose his skills and knowledge. The above paragraph makes this very clear.

“The center point of the circle is the origin of the coordinate plane. It belongs to a multitude of circles, an unimaginably large group of concentric circles that share this point as their center. An infinity of circles share this point as their center.” ~Martin Hauser

So then, the answer to our many contentious grave national concerns while Trump is still our President, is to understand how the Mafia operates. Sadly, the methods prosecutors and law enforcement rely on to deal with the Mob are perhaps the same ones we’ll be forced to use with Trump.

Thirty plus years ago, when Trump schemed of being the king of Atlantic City Casinos, he was mentored by Mob Boss Nicky Scarfo and mobster Daniel Sullivan. Nicky Scarfo’s influence over Trump appears to have been significant and permanent. Decades later, Scarfo’s techniques are now Trump’s trademark. Comey’s statement noted above seems 100% accurate. But the most interesting part about Comey’s book is that it’s written very directly. You immediately process that you’re reading a truthful statement. You don’t doubt that it’s a fact.

When someone writes or speaks this way, the burden is placed on the reader. It’s the equivalent of hearing the train sound and knowing that a tornado is spiraling toward you. When you hear the train, no one ever doubts that a tornado is near. Or yells “Fake news.” Instead, you simply run for cover. You don’t have to be told to hide in the basement. Rather, you’re keenly aware of the next steps to take.

That’s the impact of Comey’s writing style. That these are alarming facts. All Americans should be gravely concerned. We MUST quickly take the next steps, which Comey makes very clear involves voting for ethical leaders, thus voting Trump and those like him out of office. Morality matters.

In the mean time, all three branches of government, the DOD, every single US agency… in fact, every single solitary American needs to get the 101 on the Mafia if we’re going to weather this storm. I re-watched The Godfather this weekend to get a better handle on this.

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Scott Pruitt’s Delusion | Perspective


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ~Benjamin Franklin

I run every night after dinner. Just a simple 20-30 minute course. Running in a town and state known for it’s natural beauty, endowed with nearly 43,000 square miles of vast green landscapes, vibrant thick forests, an abundance of flowers, rolling hills, mountains… makes it relatively easy to inhale healthy air that results in easy outdoor exercise routines. Nature is the most effective filter for holding pollutants at bay.

And exercise is a critical element in building a strong immune system.

I recently had the good fortune of experiencing more fully the vital role healthy air plays in exercising when I was in Southern Pines, NC a few months ago. I ran amongst the tall Longleaf and Loblolly pines. Their strong, therapeutic scent soon filled my lungs and cleared my mind. After a quick mile, I felt extra invigorated, as if I’d taken a magical energy potion. Then, without even realizing it, I went on to run 45 minutes and could have easily gone further but it was pitch black. I think the reason I was so startled was because I’ve never run for that long in my whole life, but suddenly I could go the extra distance without effort.

I was mystified. I quickly had to Google to see if it was my imagination or whether the fresh “pine” air does indeed contain tangible health benefits. Amazing. Yes, it does. Pine is rich in flavonols and bioflavonoids which provide a measurable increase in physical endurance. They’re also potent antioxidants. In Japan, the phenomenon of inhaling pine health benefits is called shinrin-yoku.

It’s stunning to learn how easy it is to inhale health and receive powerful immediate results. I now understand the logic behind aroma therapy. It’s much quicker than vitamins or supplements, where it may take a week or two to feel the difference, or a month, even a year. But in Southern Pines, I felt infused within ten minutes.

Which brings me to Scott Pruitt…

EPA Scott Pruitt’s shocking announcement Thursday March 29, 2018 that the EPA will roll back Obama’s trademark environmental policy, Obama’s enhanced Vehicle Emissions Standards, is nothing short of criminal. The Director of the Environmental Protection Agency swore an oath to protect our health and environment. Auto emissions contain hydrocarbons, nitrogen, carbon-monoxide, sulfur dioxide, etc… all of which result in tangible negatives for our health and well-being. The detrimental impact is substantial.

I now can’t fathom outdoor exercise in cities. It must be extremely challenging with so few natural filters.

Scott Pruitt is delusional to believe Americans are so ignorant that we’ll buy his ludicrous “framing” of this toxic policy shift: “cars will be less expensive” if he repeals the higher Auto Emission Standards. True, but our medical care will be significantly more expensive. Oh, and will also shave about ten years off our life spans.

It’s time to demand that criminal charges be filed against Mr. Pruitt. We inhale health and harm in equal measure. Pruitt’s intentional negligence, which will lead to millions of deaths across the next ten years, must be stopped.

The easiest way to protect our families and our environment is to refuse to buy any of the cheaper American cars that will have the lower emissions standards. We have the power to block Pruitt. We must succeed at preparing for tomorrow. Pruitt’s failure doesn’t have to be our demise… but it certainly can be his.

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Presence of Mind, March For Our Lives | Perspective


“The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.” ~ Marcus Aurelius, 177 AD

Mrs. Preston rushed through her classroom door, pulling the door handle behind her. The door swooshed shut with a muted thud as the bell sounded, announcing that class had just begun.

Mrs. Preston had a million things on her mind that morning. Her oldest son was a sophomore at the University of Chicago. He was supposed to find out any day about a summer internship. He’d been turned down twice already, so this third opportunity was now his only option. It was stressful. Her middle child Sophie, a high school junior, was suffering from extreme distress following the Parkland massacre on Valentine’s Day 2018. There was a creepy loner in her school whom everyone was nervous about, now more than ever before. Her daughter’s worrying had ratcheted up to such a degree that it was now a huge concern to both Mr. and Mrs. Preston. Sophie was gripped with constant panic at seemingly trivial things. The weekend following Parkland, Sophie had boldly insisted that she be allowed to stay home and attend high school online from now on. What could a mother possibly say in response other than, “Sure, no problem.” Mrs. Preston had scheduled an appointment with a therapist for her daughter. The first appointment was the following week.

And there was Mrs. Preston’s mother who lived thirty minutes away in a newly developed retirement community. She’d recently fallen and broken her hip and was in rehab. She called every day, two or three times in fact, asking for everything under the sun. Monday it was sunflower seeds. Tuesday, tulips. Wednesday, a book. “Please come by after school, it’ll only take a minute.”… “But Mom, I have to bring Mia to dance lessons.”… You can stop by while Mia is in her lesson.” … “No Mom, I really can’t. I’ll see you this weekend.” … “I probably won’t be alive this weekend, please come by tonight.”

Mrs. Preston’s husband, Michael, was going though a professional midlife crisis. He’d had a successful twenty year career as a wealth manager, but now that his clients could invest on their own so easily, this industry was transforming and he’d finally decided to pursue other career opportunities. He’d been unemployed now for four months and had begun searching outside the state. Mrs. Preston had a nagging feeling in the pit of her stomach that she’d return home from work one afternoon and learn that her husband had accepted a position 1,000 miles away and they’d all be moving.

When Mrs. Preston had visited her dermatologist the week before, to have a strangely shaped mole checked, she’d received a call requesting she return to the office for a follow-up visit and an additional test. This was alarming, but she couldn’t spend too much time worrying about it or she wouldn’t be able to work. Her next visit was the following week.

The whole town was abuzz the past few days after a student in a neighboring school district had been found on campus with a loaded gun. The high school was only five miles from the middle school where Mrs. Preston taught social studies.

Immediately following Parkland, in fact the very next day, her middle school had an Active Shooter Drill. It had been on the calendar since January. The 7th grade students had been incredibly attentive during the lockdown. Mrs. Preston had been moved by their fierce determination to execute the instructions exactly as outlined. She’d never seen them so steadfast in resolve to follow directions. She herself had breathed a heavy sigh of relief that they’d all fit in her closet so neatly, and had remained quiet for the entire duration.

Mrs. Preston, pulled out her lesson plan and set it on the desk in front of her. After quickly reviewing it, she turned to the White Board and wrote in all caps, “Three Branches of Government.”

“Mrs. Preston, Mrs. Preston.”

Mrs. Preston pivoted to see who was calling her name. Oh yes, Grayson. His eyes were bulging with alarm. Actually, fear. “What is it, Grayson?” Mrs. Preston said soothingly.

“You forgot to lock the door. Remember? You can NEVER forget to lock the door.”

This is a true story from America’s heartland that outlines the reality of what “a day in the life of” an American teacher is all about. Expecting teachers to have the presence of mind to manage a loaded gun in this everyday dynamic is extremely ill-conceived.

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Trump’s Life History of Obstructing Justice | Perspective


Trump’s “Teflon” image – the one where no matter what Trump does wrong (“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone and not lose voters”) results in nothing sticking – needs to be examined more closely. It holds the answers to the current tsunami regarding the Mueller investigation.

We can clearly see the many crimes/wrongs Trump has committed against thousands and thousands, maybe even millions of people… yet nothing stymies Trump. He’s never held accountable. Never permanently sidelined. Never restrained in jail. Never even had to do community service. Trump manages to overthrow his enemies and opposers, and all the higher angels determined to keep the scales balanced, using one consistent dark tactic that’s become the cornerstone of his survivability through all of his twisted schemes.

Trump has mastered the art of Obstructing Justice.

It truly is an art. The Art of the Deal in fact. That is the deal. Trump’s deal making is a simple matter of force, intimidation and threats. Coercing the other party into accepting his warped, unjust offer.

Merriam-Webster Law Dictionary, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE LEGAL DEFINITIONthe crime or act of willfully interfering with the process of justice and law especially by influencing, threatening, harming, or impeding a witness, potential witness, juror, or judicial or legal officer or by furnishing false information in or otherwise impeding an investigation or legal process.

Trump had several adept mentors who were gifted at bestowing their nefarious ways upon their mentee: Roy Cohn, Mob Boss Nicky Scarfo, mobster Daniel Sullivan, the Russian Mob, Dictator Putin… to name a few.

Crimes that Trump has already succeeded at Obstructing Justice for (beginning in 1973, so that’s 55 years of Obstructing Justice):

  • Money Laundering
  • Sexual Assault
  • Contract Disputes
  • Tax evasion
  • Fraud
  • Perjury
  • Discrimination
  • Civil Rights Violations
  • Defamation
  • Ethics Violations
  • Inciting violence
  • Personal Injury
  • A total of more than 3,500 lawsuits

So back to the present. Trump has lost his tight inner circle of loyalists at the White House. The few advisors who remain are not loyalists, so there’s no trust. Trump’s begun shunning their advice, trusting only in his “gut.” Trump’s core, his gut, consists of 55 years of Obstructing Justice. He knows no other way. He’s not going to change. Live by the sword, be dethroned by the sword.

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Getting a Handle on the Russia Danger | Perspective


How do we stay three steps ahead of Russia (it’s tricky when our president is the enemy and he’s working so hard to fend off our nation’s traditional defense, the FBI)? To further thwart our defensive line, Trump/Russia has a loyal group of Russia surrogates, the GOP House Intelligence Committee, who’ve sold their soul to the devil – Putin.

So what are American citizens supposed to do now to protect ourselves?

STEP 1 (for me anyway): watch as many Russia/CIA spy thrillers as possible. Below are a few, but there are many more. I find that this really helps in broadening my understanding about the way Russia operates which helps with projecting into America’s future /our future.

  • Red Sparrow – 2018, Excellent film, helped me “imagine” the possibilities of what Russia is capable of; great because it’s present day
  • The Assets, My Name is Aldrich Ames – 2014, Highlights how easy it is for someone to get away with selling our nation’s secrets to a foreign enemy, this because colleagues don’t want to believe their coworker – who’s supposed to be a patriot, protecting our country and our allies – is actually busy undermining it. Very insightful considering our president appears to be in overdrive accomplishing this very thing.
  • The Sum of All Fears – 2002, Seems so real it’s terrifying. I can totally picture this happening; in fact, I envision someone plotting this right now
  • Hunt for Red October – 1990, One of my favorite movies of all times
  • No Way Out – 1987, Best Kevin Costner film. Movies were so riveting back in the day

The most gripping Cold War book I ever read was Nelson Demille’s The Talbot Odyssey. Eye-bulging books like this are mesmerizing, this one is impossible to put down. I’m going to re-read it now that Mueller has uncovered so much proof of collusion and the White House seems to be in melt down mode, last night Friday March 16, 2018 with Sessions firing FBI Deputy Andrew McCabe just 26 hours before he was supposed to retire. See? That’s such a cruel “Russia” thing for Trump Team to do.

STEP 2: Be on the lookout on Social Media. Turn it into a “Find Waldo” exercise. Find the Russia Troll and call them out. I see them everywhere. They have markers.

STEP 3: Russian trolls are actually easier to locate than they realize. They might look and sound like us on Social Media, but they don’t think like us. Instead what they do is deflect by screaming and shouting and attempting to humiliate. They’ve softened their approach a little bit this year, but if you get into a discussion with one on a comment board for a major News site like New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal etc, you soon realize they don’t understand how to think like an American. They can’t reason the same way American’s can. Instead, their tactic is to storm Social Media as abusers, much like Trump, attempting to get viewers/readers to not believe in what someone is stating by attacking the one posting. But this is actually their achilles heel. And it’s not something they can easily correct…which gives us the upper hand.

STEP 4: Trust your instincts. When you get that unsettling 6th sense type of feeling about someone online, learn to stay far away from them. Avoidance is a great defensive strategy

We can do this. This horror is unlike any war we’ve ever been in before. We’re all trying to make our way through the jungle on this. We have to help each other, and work diligently to create light in the midst of all this darkness.

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Russia & The Black Swan Theory | Perspective


“Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predicable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment – that which they cannot anticipate.” ~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Trump’s news this week of steep tariffs on steel and aluminum blindsided our allies, and Americans as well….particularly the GOP leadership. Oh, and Trump’s economic adviser Gary Cohn too, who in light of Trump signing the tariff proclamation, has resigned.

Trump’s extremely flawed notion that tariffs are a winning solution for the 21st Century American economy – especially following the steep corporate tax cuts in December which enrich steel and aluminum companies by 14% – seems flat out delusional. In fact, so delusional that it begs to question what the real motivation is behind this destructive policy.

History has shown us over and over again that Trade Wars lead to World Wars. Thus, who would benefit from such a ruinous course?

An arch enemy, of course…


When we factor in the timing of Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs, Thursday March 8, 2018, which happens to be within days, possibly hours of Trump meeting with Emmet T. Flood, President Bill Clinton’s impeachment attorney, it’s abundantly clear that the tariff move was reactionary.

Or was it so much more than that?

Trump’s meeting with impeachment attorney Flood, was on the heels of news breaking about Trump ally, George Nader, who has close ties to Russia through the United Emirates, agreed to be a cooperating witness against Trump. Nader gave testimony to a grand jury for Mueller’s Russia Collusion Special Investigation this past week. The timing of Nader’s testimony was apparently particularly worrisome for Trump in light of the fact that Kushner recently had his security clearance down-graded. Hope Hicks had just announced that she’d be departing the White House. Rob Porter resigned on February 7, 2018. So Trump had to find a way to manage the fallout of the scathing news releases about Nader’s testimony, without his supportive inner circle, which this week looked more like an inner dot than a team of skilled advisors. (Is 32 year old Stephen Miller the only one left?)

Did I forget to mention Stormy Daniels? Yes, Stormy Daniels was also drowning the news cycle. By the middle of the week, Wednesday March 7, 201, her attorney had filed a lawsuit claiming that the nondisclosure agreement was invalid because Trump didn’t sign it.

So again, by the end of this week of extreme mayhem, Trump meets with impeachment attorney Flood, then springs the shocking announcement about trade tariffs which the majority of experts agree will result in a dark and damaging Trade War, that will wreak havoc across the global economy. One economist predicted the stock market will drop 40% within the next 18-24 months, millions will lose jobs.

It’s therefor time to be proactive and get out in front of this dire crisis.

I’m left to conclude that:

  • Yes, Trump did collude with Russia and Mueller will be able to prove it (Mueller probably already is able to prove it; it’s likely that much of the testimony and evidence is sealed)
  • When Russia and Trump began colluding back in 2013, it appears Russia crafted an Exit Strategy (in case the plot was ever uncovered and could be proven… setting up a back channel between Trump and Russia during the pre-inauguration Seychelles meeting is now provable and appears to be the tip of the iceberg)
  • Russia is America’s arch enemy, and any potential Exit Strategy is going to be painful. Sure there’s many weapons that could harms us, but a true warmonger like Putin would likely have several creative aggressive alternatives up his sleeve. Like how about economic ruin?
  • Interestingly, that’s what all the experts were predicting this week…economic  ruin from steel and aluminum tariffs.
  • Seems like a pretty sound Scorched Earth military strategy for an aggressor like Putin and his puppet, Donald J. Trump.

By the way, following 9/11, Congress immediately established the 9/11 Commission, directed by former NJ Governor Thomas Kean, to investigate how our intelligence community missed the red flags with the 9/11 terrorists hiding in plain site. After nearly two years, the Commission concluded that the fault lay with our “failure at imagination.” Our inability to imagine or predict the possibilities.

Which now brings me to The Black Swan Theory…

Quoting from Wikipedia: “The theory was developed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb to explain:

  1. The disproportionate role of high-profile, hard-to-predict, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations in history, science, finance, and technology.
  2. The non-computability of the probability of the consequential rare events using scientific methods (owing to the very nature of small probabilities).
  3. The psychological biases that blind people, both individually and collectively, to uncertainty and to a rare event’s massive role in historical affairs.

Thus, I’d like to imagine the following possibility…that Trump did collude with Russia. That warmonger Putin masterminded a horribly devastating Exit Strategy that would bring catastrophic economic ruin to America. That this was woven into the fabric of the Trump campaign and presidency years ago, and became part of Trump’s campaign nucleus. And that Putin’s grand scheme for thwarting the potential consequences when the collusion became provable, and Trump’s ouster certain, was that Trump would set the Exit Strategy in motion by kicking off the Trade War.

I’m confident there’s an army of intelligence agents who are busy projecting and imagining. But in light of all this stunning news the past four weeks, and with midterm elections around the corner, the American public, particularly the GOP, has to take off its blinders and “imagine” the possibilities as well. Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Ryan, it’s time move into high gear to block this Trade War.


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Tillerson & the Kremlin, It all Makes Sense Now | Perspective


Learning the critical missing piece of the State Department puzzle – the State Department under Rex Tillerson, that is – everything finally fell into place. Up until today, Mach 6, 2018, nothing made sense.

It reminds me of the famous Shel Silverstein quote: “It was missing a piece. And it was not happy. So it set off in search of its missing piece. And as it rolled it sang this song:

‘Oh I’m lookin’ for my missin’ piece,
I’m lookin’ for my missin’ piece,
Here I go,
Lookin’ for my missin’ piece.”

We’ve all been worried for months about the strange, illogical breach of protocol at the State Department under Tillerson.

  • 32 Countries without U.S. ambassadors
  • high pay grade Foreign Service Officers being tasked to do low level data entry
  • 8% cut in State Department while global conflict is reaching a modern era all-time high
  • slashing the number of special envoys by 50%
  • refusal to use any of the $120 million slated for the State Department to curb Russian interference

This frightening list continues to an alarming degree, leaving us with a dark sense of foreboding that has raged now for many months. The nagging feeling that Tillerson is undermining the United States abroad and that one day soon lives will be lost because of the obvious lack of protection. So why is all this happening?




Jane Mayer of the New Yorker, in a stunning article published Monday March 5, 2018, revealed that the Kremlin intervened to stop Trump’s initial choice for Secretary of State, Mitt Romney (strong anti-Russia candidate), and encouraged a pick that would be more sympathetic toward Russian interests.

Reading this stunning statement, everything made sense. The proverbial missing piece. (There’s nothing that will make me not believe this to be fact. Tillerson has been “showing” this in everything he says and does since the very beginning.)

So now? Tillerson clearly needs to be removed. And the State department restored to it’s former glory. Oh, and the $120 million earmarked for blocking Russian interference… put to immediate good use.

Again, immediately. Lives are at stake.

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Did Speaker Ryan Actually Speak? | Perspective


House Speaker Paul Ryan is FINALLY mad.

What took so long?

The rest of the world has been angry at Trump for 13 months as we’ve repeatedly watched in horror as the Republican President of the United States of American has aggressively – and satanically – attempted to knock down every single one of our cherished democratic pillars while Ryan and McConnell and GOP sat frozen in their seats, cowering in the corner, mouths zipped shut, blinders wrapped tightly around their heads.

And now that Trump has gone completely manic, undermining the whole entire world with his illogical proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum, for the apparent purpose of currying favor with a few, at the expense of the entire global population, Ryan has rattled his brain awake and gotten a glimpse of who Trump really is.

The enemy!

Speaker Ryan, why are you shocked? Do you feel blindsided? We’ve all been agonizing, in appalled alarm, since January 20, 2017. There’s not enough time in the day to list all the lives destroyed, and outrageous destructive actions Trump has viciously taken against America while you stood haplessly at his side.

Well, welcome to reality. So glad you finally showed up. What’s the next step? You’re the one in the driver’s seat.

Today, Monday March 5, 2018, Ryan spokesperson Ashlee Ryan officially stated, “We are extremely worried about the consequences of a trade war and are urging the White House to not advance with this plan. The new tax reform law has boosted the economy and we certainly don’t want to jeopardize those gains.”

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