Capitol Hill Walk of Secrets

Gallant-Events6If you’ve seen National Treasure then you know how mysterious and secretive our Freemason Founding Fathers were, so it shouldn’t shock you to learn that they eagerly sought to capture your attention when you arrived in DC to visit your nation’s capitol.

The Capitol Hill Walk of Secrets is a reality-altering, secret sleuthing adventure, one in  which you’ll uncover the mysterious way our Founding Fathers’ minds worked, and how important the art of “discovery” was to our patriotic heroes.

SecretTortoiseWalk Capitol Hill with eyes wide open and see what our Founders wanted future generations to discover along its meandering paths, chiseled architecture, and the strategic ornamental details. An historical experience, filled with eye-popping bewilderment and inspiration that these baffling secrets unlock.

  • One hour of interactive, mind-boggling secrets surrounding the U.S.  Capitol hidden in plain site on the Hill.
  • Maximum of 35 secret seekers for each time slot
  • $12 + processing fee for online payment
  • Special days and times available upon request for organizations as well as schools|teachers|students. Group size minimums and maximums will apply.

*Meet on Capitol Hill sidewalk, House Side behind Garfield Statue.


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