Did God Bless America? Why?| The Future

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Yes, deep in our hearts we all know that God has definitely blessed America.

God has a reason for everything. So then why did God bless America?

In Thomas Jefferson’s 1st Annual Message as 3rd President of the United States of America, December 8, 1801, he touched on the answer:

“…We contemplate this rapid growth and the prospect it holds up to us, not with a view to the injuries it may enable us to do others in some future day, but to the settlement of the extensive country still remaining vacant within our limits to the multiplication of men susceptible of happiness, educated in the love of order, habituated to self-government, and valuing its blessings above all price.

Shall we refuse the unhappy fugitives from distress that hospitality which the savages of the wilderness extended to our fathers arriving in this land? Shall oppressed humanity find no asylum on this globe? The Constitution, indeed, has wisely provided that for admission to certain offices of important trust a residence shall be required sufficient to develop character and design. But might not the general character and capabilities of a citizen be safely communicated to every one manifesting a bona fide purpose of embarking his life and fortunes permanently with us?” 

The world desperately needs a beacon of hope for the oppressed and downtrodden. America is that beacon of hope, ordained by God it seems. The land of immigrants. The land of opportunity.

It’s time to fix this…

We have sweeping stretches of undeveloped land. In the 18th and 19th centuries, we opened specific territories to immigrants, creating opportunities and pathways for those willing to work hard.

We have two centuries worth of examples. We can look to the past to guide us toward the future. Securing our borders doesn’t have to be a crisis.

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The American Spirit | Perspective


It is an extremely grim day in the history of our beloved nation that we have to pause and remind our president, the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, what it is to be American.

Ultimately, at the core of what has always made America great, is the American Spirit.  The American Spirit is the foundation and the essence that led us from a floundering small rebellious colony to a world super power.

The American “can do” spirit.

Resourcefulness. Resilience. Industriousness. Discipline. Patience. Perseverance. Grit. Steadfast loyalty to our democratic principals. Sacrifice. Generosity. Honesty. Respect for humanity. Fairness. Justice. Teamwork. Support. Quest for knowledge. Mentoring. Opportunity. Wisdom. Hope.

These are the traits honed into our national character by persevering through sustained hardships and challenges. They are the rewards received by overcoming obstacles the right way, by not caving to our lower demons, but with great dignity rising to our higher angels. They are the traits of immigrants, driven by hope, determined to succeed at the opportunity to make it in America the Beautiful.

Not only are these the traits of the American Spirit they are in fact the traits of the immigration experience.

It is the immigrant experience that every single one of us has threaded into our DNA, passed along from generation to generation. While growing up, I was endowed with the many harrowing stories about my great, great, great (maybe another great) grand father and how he had nothing when he arrived from Ireland. There was a bounty on his head for being a rebel leader. He was being chased by the British. His face was on a “Wanted Dead or Alive” poster. It was 1799. “Get on a ship and flee to the new world before you’re killed. Send money for your wife and children to follow.”

Look at our military combat soldiers. These front lines troops defending our cherished freedoms have never been millionaire or billionaire children. They are typically the most financially challenged in our country. Yet they are out there front and center infused with the strongest, most powerful version of the American Spirit, saving our nation over and over and over again. Tirelessly protecting our freedoms. More than a million have died defending our country and freedom. We owe them so much. Most importantly our respect.

One of my favorite examples of the American Spirit is the story of the pedestal for the Statue of Liberty. When France gave America Lady Liberty in 1885, there was no pedestal just a statue. The pedestal was to be paid for by fundraising in America, rather than by taxes, but it wasn’t going very well. There was no big donor. No Vanderbilt or Rockefeller, Astor or any of the wealthiest families in America would fund the Statue of Liberty’s base. So Joseph Pulitzer, owner of the St Louis Post Dispatch, ran a story asking all Americans to send in their small change. Citizens from coast to coast promptly responded, overwhelming the Post with a tidal wave of coins. The Statue of Liberty and it’s pedestal is the 24/7 tribute to the American Spirit.

Sadly. Actually… tragically. The self-evident reality is, that the ultimate root of the problem today, this extremely difficult year with Trump as our president, is that Donald J. Trump does not have any of these golden traits. Donald Trump does not possess the American Spirit. He marches to a drum in extreme conflict with the American Spirit. An enemy of the American Spirit. An enemy that’s so foreign to us, it’s hard to imagine how we can take one more step forward with Trump as our leader.

Donald J. Trump wants to Make America Great Again?

The only way that’s possible is to return to our immigration roots. To align our modern policies with the cornerstone of our national character, the immigration spirit, the American Spirit.

If our immigration policies need to be updated, it begins with the understanding that immigration is vital to sustaining our national character and the American Spirit. The immigration experience has never been about the privileged, it’s always been about the impoverished, the tired, poor, huddled masses coming to America and making their dreams come true.

If we stay true to this mission, the immigration experience fine-tuned for modern application, our noble American Spirit will continue to flow like a flourishing fountain sustaining the heartbeat of our national character…a character that creates the bright beacon of hope and resilience to guide a world that has turned so brutal and dark.


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Classified Information | Perspective


Today’s breaking news story about the criminal referral filed with DOJ by Senators Grassley and Graham pertaining to Fusion GPS’ Steele dossier, is an interesting anomaly.

Is it legal for the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, investigating Russia meddling and Trump-Russia collusion, to publicly undermine evidence in this way, particularly in light of the fact that much of the hearing is classified?

What are the laws pertaining to knowing classified information, and using this knowledge to negatively impact evidence that supports proof in an investigation for the purpose of undermining the investigation? Is that obstruction of justice?

Following Trump’s election, Grassley has been a steadfast Trump loyalist. Harshly demanding of the American public after Comey was fired, “Suck it up, and move on.”

A month ago, Grassley seemed Intent on undermining the public’s view of the FBI’s independence by publicly revealing that an agent was removed from the investigation in July after it became clear he was pro Hillary and felt negatively about Trump.

Grassley has access to substantial amounts of classified evidence in the Russian investigation. As the proof piles up, Grassley retaliates by publicly undermining the investigation team itself. Mueller’s independence. And now the evidence.

His actions seem to clearly underscore Trump’s guilt. The vicious turbulence reminds me of a fighter plane breaking the sound barrier.




American Regulations are one of the pillars that make us a developed country, a super power. Third World countries don’t have regulations and look what a mess they are. Behind all the U.S. regulations are thousands of victims. Often hundreds of thousands. Sometimes millions of victims.

Regulations = Consumer Protection

So Trump is on a mission to eliminate our regulations, and knock down one of the fiercest pillars that stablize the country and protect the public.

We understand regulations on a personal level in our everyday lives. We make decisions to fund personal security and protection.

What family isn’t for a home security system? Do we mind paying for smoke detectors? Child safety locks? Cars with airbags? Cross walks? Safe and clean food, water, air? Of course not.

So why does our President think he can decide for us that he doesn’t want the American people to have protection for our financial assets. Net neutrality? Our natural resources?

Trump, through his clever word manipulation, is framing his de-regulation agenda so positively. Calling it over-regulation.

But it’s not over-regulation.

For every regulation, there are exceptions. If a situation falls into the “exception” category, you feel annoyed if you’re the one impacted. Sure. But you understand. When you think of the flip side, the no regulation side, you come to grips with your frustration and let it rest. (I was annoyed this week when I tried to deposit cash in a family member’s bank account who lived in another state. They needed immediate assistance. A check takes 48 hours to clear. Bank of America explained that unless I had an account with them, I couldn’t deposit cash into someone else’s account. It was a new regulation. Argh!)

So again, why has Trump eliminated the vast majority of our protections? We do not have a dictatorship in America, so how is he able to do this?

Trump doesn’t even seem intelligent enough to mastermind this massive de-regulation scheme. Further, what real president of the United States would want to harm America to this extreme? It doesn’t even seem probable that Trump has time to zero-in on de-regulating the USA.

Using the scientific method, I’m left to deduce that there’s someone else behind this nefarious de-regulation curtain pulling all the strings.


I’m being serious. A complex action plan crafted before the election. Sun Tzu The Art of War again.


“Fake it until you make it.” That’s what I’m deducing after the endless stream of unilateral Trump decisions.

DOJ upends states’ rights to legalize marijuana. Can the Department of Justice really up and do this?

In business, Trump’s a dictator.

We saw in January, Trump’s sinister attempt to turn the U.S. presidency into a dictatorship. Months of massive protest marches around the globe eventually creating a barrier for this Machievellian vision of his. He then became embroiled in the Trump-Russia Collusion Investigation.

But here we go again this week, with Trump’s DOJ overturning state laws by the flick of a switch. States are a constitutional check & balance. This reversal is the act of a would-be dictator with no respect for states rights or the three branches of government.

Trump has said he can tell a lie three times and by the fourth everyone will think it’s true. Apparently, he feels the same about his actions. If he fakes being a dictator long enough, eventually we Americans will believe we’re governed by a dictator and allow him to be one.

So no, it’s imperative we throw everything we have against this and block Trump from overturning our Constitution.

Quote, Senator Cory Gardner: “‘One tweet later, one policy later ― a complete reversal of what many of us on the Hill were told before the confirmation. Without any notification, conversation or dialogue with Congress, completely reversed.’”




Salt deficiency is nearly as dangerous as salt overindulgence. So, everything in moderation…including salt.



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Importance of Spanish, Thomas Jefferson

During these tumultuous times with trump as President, and with Steve Bannon on the attack with a longterm mission of destroying our American institutions and our democracy as well, this so that he can establish his own “bright idea,” it’s important to remain grounded and revert back to our Founding Fathers’ beliefs and intentions in setting up the ROCK SOLID DEMOCRACY of the United States of America.

Immigration is a particular focus since trump is aggressively wiping out Immigration as we know it, Immigration as we’ve always believed it to be, and Immigration that led our ancestors to make America their home.

In the words of Thomas Jefferson, expressed in a letter to Peter Carr (Jefferson’s nephew and the Justice of the Peace for Albemarle County) of Virginia on August 10, 1787 while Jefferson was Minister of France in Paris:

“2.Spanish. Bestow great attention on this, and endeavor to acquire an accurate knowledge of it. Our future connections with Spain and Spanish America will render that language a valuable acquisition. The antient history of a great part of America too is written in that language. I send you a dictionary.”

∞ ∞ ∞