Did Speaker Ryan Actually Speak? | Perspective


House Speaker Paul Ryan is FINALLY mad.

What took so long?

The rest of the world has been angry at Trump for 13 months as we’ve repeatedly watched in horror as the Republican President of the United States of American has aggressively – and satanically – attempted to knock down every single one of our cherished democratic pillars while Ryan and McConnell and GOP sat frozen in their seats, cowering in the corner, mouths zipped shut, blinders wrapped tightly around their heads.

And now that Trump has gone completely manic, undermining the whole entire world with his illogical proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum, for the apparent purpose of currying favor with a few, at the expense of the entire global population, Ryan has rattled his brain awake and gotten a glimpse of who Trump really is.

The enemy!

Speaker Ryan, why are you shocked? Do you feel blindsided? We’ve all been agonizing, in appalled alarm, since January 20, 2017. There’s not enough time in the day to list all the lives destroyed, and outrageous destructive actions Trump has viciously taken against America while you stood haplessly at his side.

Well, welcome to reality. So glad you finally showed up. What’s the next step? You’re the one in the driver’s seat.

Today, Monday March 5, 2018, Ryan spokesperson Ashlee Ryan officially stated, “We are extremely worried about the consequences of a trade war and are urging the White House to not advance with this plan. The new tax reform law has boosted the economy and we certainly don’t want to jeopardize those gains.”

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Military Parade, Trump’s Ignorance is Monumentally Disturbing | Perspective

I was born into a military family that dates back to Pearl Harbor and beyond. My great uncle Gus was trekking to his plane the morning of December 7, 1941 when the bomb’s began to drop. He was injured, but survived, although his plane was destroyed.

One of my uncles graduated from West Point. Several cousins from Annapolis. A brother and many other cousins were ROTC. My ex-husband was an Air Force pilot. I’ve spent the better half of the past three decades enjoying the most phenomenal military events I could ever hope to experience:

  • Fleet Week Manhattan over Memorial Day Weekend (began in 1982)
  • Fleet Week San Francisco Bay
  • Thunderbirds and the US Air Force Air Show (x 7, these are annual events), Thunderbirds began in 1953
  • Blue Angels (dates back to 1946)
  • Twilight Tattoo at Arlington (Wednesday evenings at 7:00p May – August since 1961)
  • Sunset Parade at Iwo Jima (Tuesday evenings Spring – Summer, dating back to 1956)
  • And there’s many more annual tributes to our exceptional military forces

Trump appears to be oblivious to these annual national wonders. Based on his announcement last week of his desire for a North Korea style Military Parade in DC,  I was left with the impression that Trump has never had the good fortune of attending any of these time honored “American” traditions paying tribute to our heroic veterans.

How sad.

Further, based on the uncanny timing – midweek following the Nunes Memo that didn’t end up halting the Mueller investigation as Trump hoped– it’s reasonable to deduce that Trump’s mission was to use his North Korean style Military Parade to instill fear into the American citizens who oppose Trump and his alarming anti-American agenda…this would be the media, the resistance, all Democrats, protestors, and most importantly (as far as Trump is concerned) the Mueller Investigation itself.

I envision that perhaps Trump might have recalled (with glee) one lonely dark turbulent night last week, the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989, latching onto this as his weapon of last resort as the Mueller Investigation closes in. This is the only explanation that makes reasonable sense after the confluence of so many extreme news stories last week, out of which flowed the Military Parade brainchild.

It’s clear these exceptional military events listed above date back many, many decades. So the explanation Trump provided for a DC military parade isn’t rational.

Sure, the expense is a very sound reason for the Legislature and the military to block it. So the point is probably already mute. But the real takeaway here is extracting Trump’s motive for requesting a North Korea style Military Parade. This way we can have heightened awareness about Trump’s state of mind.

I’m sure all of us have wondered from time-to-time how this nightmare will end. I for one am exponentially more alarmed today than I was a week ago as I factor in Trump’s disturbing thought process that lead to his decision to initiate a massive military intimidation parade in our nation’s capital.

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Can Trump Go To Jail? | Perspective

Trump’s Pending Interview with Mueller

The irony of what could potentially happen if Trump perjures himself while under oath with Mueller is pronounced. Trump’s incessant cry to “Lock her up! Lock her up!” during his 2016 campaign, creates the visual image of a boomerang turning and hurling its way toward Trump.

Can Trump actually go to jail if he lies to Mueller?

In the United States, “the general perjury statue under federal law classifies perjury as a felony and provides for a prison sentence of up to five years.”

A tweet by Congressman Ted Lieu yesterday evening (January 23, 2018) stated unequivocally “that there are no words in the U.S. Constitution that say the President can’t be prosecuted for committing crimes, including Obstruction of Justice or Perjury.”

Many governors have gone to jail. Ex-Governor John Roland of Connecticut went to jail twice. The first crime, was a corruption charge for accepting illegal gifts – ten month sentence. Roland returned to prison a decade later when he was convicted of seven charges, one of which was falsifying records, another conspiracy.

When Trump was deposed in 2007, after he sued author Timothy L. O’Brien for “raising questions about his net worth,” Trump lied 30 times during the deposition. The reason Trump sued O’Brien was that Trump claimed his net worth was $5 billion, but O’Brien learned and published that Trump’s net worth was really only $150 – $250 million. So it was a lie that landed Trump in the deposition in the first place.

Trump is 71 years old. His hourly habit, every day of every year, is that of lying, 24/7. It’s as though his brain is severely trained to utter whatever he wants to believe which makes him incapable of checking himself. The odds are 100% likely that Trump will lie under oath. Trump’s doctor just announced to the world that Trump has no cognitive impairment. So when we learn that Trump did lie to Mueller during the interview, Trump won’t be able to claim he’s cognitively impaired.

Earlier today, as Trump was heading to Davos, Switzerland…when asked by reporters if he’d agree to be interviewed by Mueller (remember, last week Mike Pence declined to speak with Mueller; Steve Bannon declined the week before that), but Trump replied, “I’m looking forward to it… I would love to do that and I’d like to do it as soon as possible.”

So, with a nearly 100% likelihood that Trump will perjure himself, and with the nearly 100% guarantee that Mueller can prove Obstruction, is it possible that Trump will land in jail?

There’s arguments on both sides I guess. No precedent on one, not against the constitution on the other. It seems likely that all the legal minds are busy strategizing. Mueller appears to have a big picture approach to everything though. Trump might end up guilty of lying and belonging in jail, but still not land there.

Maybe someone will mastermind a fitting punishment where the U.S. government confiscates all Trump properties and uses them to pay down the national debt that will begin skyrocketing by year’s end. Or better yet, cover all the vital programs for children, the elderly, veterans, the disabled, the Island of Puerto Rico, refugees, etc that Trump slashed.

And Trump will spend his retirement years in a middle class community in Queens, riding the 7 Train into Midtown, baseball cap pulled low hiding the contorted horror he feels about the fate that’s befallen him, earbuds stuffed deep into his ear wells, Billy Joel’s You May Be Right, I May Be Crazy drowning out his misery.


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Closing In, The Russia Investigation | Perspective



Trump’s Russian Collusion Developments

The House Intelligence Committee released the 312 page transcript of their interview with Glenn Simpson Thursday January 18, 2018. Simpson, a former Wall Street Journal investigative reporter who specialized on Russia, is the founder of Fusion GPS, the research organization that created the Steele Dossier. A key take away from the interview is that if Trump was laundering money with the Russians, which it’s fairly certain he was, after all, Trump has a 30+ year track record of laundering money, and was fined $10 million by FinCen in 2015  for “Significant and Long Standing Anti-Money Laundering Violations”…but according to Simpson, if Trump was laundering money with the Russians, then the Kremlin would be aware of this, and would use it as “powerful leverage” over Trump.

There were many moments across 2017 where the public questioned “what Putin had on Trump,” which seemingly made Trump such a strong Putin advocate and ally. There was speculation that it was the Pee Tape with Trump and prostitutes in a Russia hotel, which we all assume to be true. Especially now after learning about Stormy Daniels. So, money laundering and the Pee Tape? Is there more than that? Much more perhaps?

Regulations = Consumer Protections

Trump is strongly anti-regulation, despite the fact that regulations are established and enforced for consumer protection. In fact, regulations are a vital cornerstone in developed countries. Third world countries generally don’t have any regulations.

Trump’s extensive history of being fined and sued for breaking laws and regulations may be one reason why he views regulations as his nemesis. During his campaign in 2016, it was revealed that Trump was engaged in  3,500 lawsuits. And Trump has suffered many hefty blows with fines. A few examples: $10 million; $750,000; $21 million; and more.

Trump’s hatred for regulations also might stem from the fact that he has no moral character. He has no patience. When constructing a tower on 5th avenue, or a casino in Atlantic City, regulations make everything take longer. Trump, an instant gratification kind of guy, and developer, views regulations as an obstacle to his immediate success.

Do you recall the 1974 film Towering Inferno?  The horror movie that was released before all the 1979 building codes were established? Trump has thrown us back that far. Massive skyscrapers blanketing the American landscape, and now no regulations. We were traumatized on 9/11 when the towers fell. Is this now what’s in store for use? Falling towers? Or at the very least, towering infernos especially in light of the fact that Mr. Anti-Energy Rick Perry was confirmed as Secretary of DOE.

This week’s deregulation focus was Mulvaney and his $0 budget for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Mulvaney feels the current $145 million reserve fund is sufficient. He’s supposed to have an operating budget + reserve fund, but he feels the reserve fund is enough as he begins plans to repeal regulations.


Scott Pruitt, an Immediate Threat

EPA Scott Pruitt just enacted a very controversial, immediately life-threatening policy where new chemicals can swiftly move to market without being properly tested “undermining new laws and regulations that Congress passed with overwhelming bipartisan support in 2016.”



Attitude affects health. A positive attitude can effectively make you healthier. Positive emotions trigger the release of happy hormones – endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine – that strengthen the immune system.


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“When ignorance and bigotry is allied with power” | Perspective

BlogNmbrsDangerous Force


“The commander in chief in an Oval Office meeting referring to people from African countries and Haitians with the most vile and vulgar language, that language festers. When ignorance and bigotry is allied with power it is a dangerous force in our country. Your silence and your amnesia is complicit in it,Booker said.

This passionately charged statement by Senator Booker eloquently sums up the extreme challenges of the past twelve months. “Ignorance and bigotry allied with power”…empowers like-minded to commit evil towards their fellow citizens.

Senator Booker was speaking to Kristjen Nielsen while she was testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee about what she heard Trump say at his meeting on Friday. She claimed Trump didn’t use the vulgar, racially offensive term that’s been all over the news. Booker’s charged reproach rebukes Nielsen. May this sink in with the GOP. Amnesia equates with complicity.

Kristjen Nelson is a Scandinavian name. Are either she or her husband from Norway?


BlogNmbrs-2Will Kushner be Next to Fall?


Just a reminder about how tight Flynn and Kushner were. It’s been over a month since Flynn’s plea deal was announced. At the time, it was understood that Flynn would be taking down a big fish. Is it Kushner?

This was the context of Kushner’s instruction to Flynn last December. One transition official at the time said Kushner called Flynn to tell him he needed to get every foreign minister or ambassador from a country on the U.N. Security Council to delay or vote against the resolution. Much of this appeared to be coordinated also with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose envoys shared their own intelligence about the Obama administration’s lobbying efforts to get member states to support the resolution with the Trump transition team. 


BlogNmbrs-3Reversing Net Neutrality Rollback, The Fight Continues


State Attorney generals across the country have joined the fight to reverse the Net Neutrality rollback.

“‘Attorneys general from 21 states and the District of Columbia, including California and New York, filed a petition for review and argued that the FCC’s action was ‘arbitrary, capricious, and an abuse of discretion,’ and violated the Constitution and federal law.”

But the really big deal today was that Senator Markey announced that ALL 49 Democratic Senators are co-sponsors of his bill to reverse the Net Neutrality rollback. GOP Senator Collins has also committed her support to the Bill. Markey only needs 1 more GOP Senator to win the reversal.

“There is a tsunami of Congressional and grassroots support to overturn the FCC’s partisan and misguided decision on net neutrality,” said Senator Ed Markey (D-MA). Republicans now have a clear choice — be on the right side of history and stand with the American people who support a free and open internet, or hold hands with the special interests who want to control the internet for their own profit. I urge them to join the majority of Americans, embrace the bipartisanship of net neutrality, and support this resolution.”


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“Content of Character” | Perspective

BlogNmbrsMartin Luther King, Jr

I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr


In our 241 year history, it has never been more clear than the present how significant the content of one’s character actually is. Trump’s overwhelming lack of moral character, his blatant absence of the “American Spirit” character, his willful aversion to recognizing the valuable strong character in others, most notably immigrants, has everything in our country spinning out of control.


It’s heart wrenching to witness the overwhelming number of world-altering mistakes one makes when they’re a top decision-maker with a deep dark turbulent void at their core.


We miss you Martin Luther King, Jr. You would have been a powerful influence in our fight opposing Trump and his anti-America agenda. May we have the sustained strength to follow in your footsteps, day after day, month after month, for as many years as it takes to bring down this dangerous dark force who’s leading the most powerful country on earth.

BlogNmbrs-2Net Neutrality Update – Reverse the Roll Back

Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey made significant progress the first week senate was back in session. There are now 43 co-sponsors to his “Reverse the Roll Back“. They need 60 to succeed with reversing this significantly detrimental Trump policy. I don’t see any GOP names on the list. Eleven GOP Senators have to find their spines. We know who to start with: Flake, Corker, McCain, Collins, Murkowski, Heitcamp, Hatch. The GOP Senators up for re-election in 2018 who are still running are: Heller (NV), Cruz (TX), Wicker (MS, Fischer (NE), Barrasso (WY). That makes twelve. This is achievable.


Senators co-sponsoring the CRA resolution include Markey, Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii.), Richard Blumenthal (D–Conn.), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.), Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.), Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), Gary Peters (D-Mich.), Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Sherrod Brown (D-O.H.), Jack Reed (D-R.I.), Tim Kaine (D-Va.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), Ben Cardin (D-Md.), Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii), Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), Tom Udall (D-N.M.), Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Bob Casey (D-Pa.), Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.), Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), Patty Murray (D-Wash.), Tina Smith (D-Minn.), Jon Tester (D-Mont.), Angus King (I-Maine), Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Mark Warner (D-Va.) and Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.).


In 2018, South Carolina will be voting on loosening their gun laws to allow gun owners to openly carry guns whether they have a permit to do so or not. Additionally, gun owners from other states can also openly carry guns in the state whether they’ve passed a background check or not. A very important issue to follow. Most states are trying to pass common sense gun laws following two recent massacres that brought this important issue to the forefront.


Senator Ed Markey joined Senator Jeff Merkley today in leading more than three dozen U.S. Senators, including Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, in sharply criticizing the Trump administration’s decision to reopen offshore drilling leases three years ahead of schedule. This decision puts vast stretches of coastline along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts and in the Arctic at risk.


“‘This draft proposal is an ill-advised effort to circumvent public and scientific input, and we object to sacrificing public trust, community safety, and economic security for the interests of the oil industry,’ the Senators wrote today in a letter to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. ‘We urge you to abandon this effort and maintain the protections outlined in the current 2017-2022 plan.'”


Thank you three dozen U.S. Senators for pushing back agents this anti-American over-reach.


Stress dramatically impacts the immune system. Finding simple, easy ways to destress is essential to staying healthy and keeping a positive attitude. Too much caffeine and too much sugar and too little sleep are all stress triggers. Unfortunately, when sleep deprived, we’re more likely to drink more coffee and eat more sugar to stay alert. This is toxic and creates the perfect storm for having a significantly stronger negative reaction to something that otherwise would be perceived as relatively small, i.e. traffic.


Again it all begins with getting the right amount of sleep. Finding a “moment” each day to destress, whether that be running, working out at a gym, yoga, etc is an excellent offset. Music is another great stress reducer.



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The American Spirit | Perspective


It is an extremely grim day in the history of our beloved nation that we have to pause and remind our president, the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, what it is to be American.

Ultimately, at the core of what has always made America great, is the American Spirit.  The American Spirit is the foundation and the essence that led us from a floundering small rebellious colony to a world super power.

The American “can do” spirit.

Resourcefulness. Resilience. Industriousness. Discipline. Patience. Perseverance. Grit. Steadfast loyalty to our democratic principals. Sacrifice. Generosity. Honesty. Respect for humanity. Fairness. Justice. Teamwork. Support. Quest for knowledge. Mentoring. Opportunity. Wisdom. Hope.

These are the traits honed into our national character by persevering through sustained hardships and challenges. They are the rewards received by overcoming obstacles the right way, by not caving to our lower demons, but with great dignity rising to our higher angels. They are the traits of immigrants, driven by hope, determined to succeed at the opportunity to make it in America the Beautiful.

Not only are these the traits of the American Spirit they are in fact the traits of the immigration experience.

It is the immigrant experience that every single one of us has threaded into our DNA, passed along from generation to generation. While growing up, I was endowed with the many harrowing stories about my great, great, great (maybe another great) grand father and how he had nothing when he arrived from Ireland. There was a bounty on his head for being a rebel leader. He was being chased by the British. His face was on a “Wanted Dead or Alive” poster. It was 1799. “Get on a ship and flee to the new world before you’re killed. Send money for your wife and children to follow.”

Look at our military combat soldiers. These front lines troops defending our cherished freedoms have never been millionaire or billionaire children. They are typically the most financially challenged in our country. Yet they are out there front and center infused with the strongest, most powerful version of the American Spirit, saving our nation over and over and over again. Tirelessly protecting our freedoms. More than a million have died defending our country and freedom. We owe them so much. Most importantly our respect.

One of my favorite examples of the American Spirit is the story of the pedestal for the Statue of Liberty. When France gave America Lady Liberty in 1885, there was no pedestal just a statue. The pedestal was to be paid for by fundraising in America, rather than by taxes, but it wasn’t going very well. There was no big donor. No Vanderbilt or Rockefeller, Astor or any of the wealthiest families in America would fund the Statue of Liberty’s base. So Joseph Pulitzer, owner of the St Louis Post Dispatch, ran a story asking all Americans to send in their small change. Citizens from coast to coast promptly responded, overwhelming the Post with a tidal wave of coins. The Statue of Liberty and it’s pedestal is the 24/7 tribute to the American Spirit.

Sadly. Actually… tragically. The self-evident reality is, that the ultimate root of the problem today, this extremely difficult year with Trump as our president, is that Donald J. Trump does not have any of these golden traits. Donald Trump does not possess the American Spirit. He marches to a drum in extreme conflict with the American Spirit. An enemy of the American Spirit. An enemy that’s so foreign to us, it’s hard to imagine how we can take one more step forward with Trump as our leader.

Donald J. Trump wants to Make America Great Again?

The only way that’s possible is to return to our immigration roots. To align our modern policies with the cornerstone of our national character, the immigration spirit, the American Spirit.

If our immigration policies need to be updated, it begins with the understanding that immigration is vital to sustaining our national character and the American Spirit. The immigration experience has never been about the privileged, it’s always been about the impoverished, the tired, poor, huddled masses coming to America and making their dreams come true.

If we stay true to this mission, the immigration experience fine-tuned for modern application, our noble American Spirit will continue to flow like a flourishing fountain sustaining the heartbeat of our national character…a character that creates the bright beacon of hope and resilience to guide a world that has turned so brutal and dark.


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Sun Tzu & Kim Jong Un | Perspective


Sun Tzu’s Art of War is the centerpiece of modern warfare. These ancient Chinese principles have proven so useful and effective across milleniums, 6th Century BC, that they’re considered truths.

“The art of war is deception.” …  “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when weak.”

One can’t help but wonder what playbook Kim Jong Un is working off of.

Either he’s never heard of Sun Tzu and The Art of War and has no idea that as our enemy he’s supposed to lay low with his nuclear weapons so he can spring them on us unexpected, which may be the case (after all, he’s just a kid and may not be able to take good advice). Or, he is following Sun Tzu’s legendary wisdom, and is appearing strong when he is weak. Maybe he feels weak because he’s so young, and is shorter than the vast majority of world leaders and generals so must talk and act like a giant beast.

Whichever the case may be, as the Winter Olympics in South Korea approaches, I’m not nearly as apprehensive (with this in mind) as I was just a few days ago.


Trump’s unilateral dangerous initiatives make it clear his mission isn’t to represent the American people and our best interest the way a United States President is supposed to, and the way he claimed in his inaugural address he would do.

Between moving our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and now authorizing federal drilling along every coastline, who exactly is Trump working for?

Not only are the coastal governors strongly objecting to federal drilling along the entire U.S. coastline, but so is the US military.

It’s been universally affirmed that Trump is a moron, dotard, idiot…a long list of scathing adjectives that spell out that Trump is unfit to be president. He’s not even bright enough to think up these extreme anti-American policies. So one can’t help but wonder who’s really calling the shots. A clue might be that every one of these moves causes the United States great harm. Only an enemy would want to hurt us this badly.

So again, I don’t believe Trump is capable of masterminding these policies.

Nor are his children, who apparently suffer the same deficiencies.

These aggressive Trump policies strongly resemble the unilateral orders of a dictator. Which begs the question…are these endless knife jabs Putin?

Did Kushner succeed at establishing a back channel?


One of the first big business news stories of the new year, following the “Tax Overhal” just before Christmas that promised to grow jobs bigly, was that AT&T was slashing jobs. The bad news continued today with the unexpected announcement that there was a rise in unemployment last month.

Every reliable source has predicted the GOP tax overhaul was built on a false hypothesis, which would sky rocket the debt. I can’t help but wonder if the tax overhaul is another Putin brainchild. After all, Russia was brought to it’s knees by too much debt which ended the Cold War. Enemies aren’t forgiving. They get even.

Putin’s the one who’s proven himself to be the master of deception.



Creating healthy daily routines to live by, can add years to our lives. Our circadian rhythm is the foundation for our health and wellness. It’s the one core principle we should be proud to be obsessive about.



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Bannon & the Deep State | Perspective


Let’s cut to the chase with Bannon and his Deep State narrative. We already have too many mountains to climb, so its best not to be burdened with a giant manufactured mountain that Bannon has created to throw at those who object to his extreme beliefs.

The Deep State now seems to mean all U.S. federal agencies. This because hundreds of millions of us have no real idea what the Deep State even is. So, when we read that a GOP Congressman is referring to the FBI and DOJ as part of the Deep State that needs to be purged, it’s a huge red flag we have to get a handle on Bannon and his indoctrination campaign.

The federal agencies of the United States of American are a vital part of our government’s inner workings and are required for us to exist and thrive. They are not a shadow government that has to be wiped out like Bannon & alt-Right would have us believe. Federal Agencies will never be perfect because they are filled with zillions of people who aren’t perfect. No operation with real people will ever be perfect.

Every large agency and organization grows weeds. We get this. We enjoy our many beautiful gardens and understand they need to be tended to on a regular basis.

This is very simple and basic and has existed since the beginning of time.

But the Congressman’s statement that the FBI & DOJ has to be purged because of the Trump-Russia investigation, is merely his aiding & abetting obstruction of justice to the independent investigation as it closes in on Trump’s inner circle.

But yes, since Bannon is trying to intertwine all these issues so he can label a vital organ a tumor and have it removed, we need to clarify by properly categorizing Bannon’s murky conspiracy theory.

Bannon is attempting to change the label of our federal agencies to “Deep State” for the purpose of implying something sinister and malevolent….this so he can use it as a marketing angle for his targeted “extreme” audience.


Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation following undisclosed meetings with Russian diplomat Sergey Kislyak during the campaign and Sessions’ close association with Flynn. Trump had named Sessions as the chairman of his National Security Advisory Committee for his campaign on March 3, 2016. Flynn was named to the same committee. The two worked closely.

Flynn plead guilty to lying to the FBI about a call he had with Kislyak when they discussed sanctions. Sessions avoided any negative fallout from his three undisclosed meetings with Kislyak because he claimed to have “no recollection” about what was discussed. Perhaps Flynn can assist Mueller in helping Sessions recall the details of the meetings.


Gun Violence Protection varies by state. Following the five year anniversary of Sandy Hook, and the Texas and Las Vegas massacres this fall, some of the largest Gun Violence Protection organizations began lobbying states to pass common sense gun laws rather than continue lobbying federal representatives. Massachusetts was the first state to ban bump stocks. The goal is to get more states to follow suit in 2018, slowly but surely.


Bitter cold temperatures eliminate fungal pathogens in forests which eventually kill trees. So there’s an upside to the bitter bite of winter. Especially now that we’ve become so carbon conscience and understand how vital trees are at reducing carbon emissions.


As we mentioned on 12.26.2017, there are numerous easy and inexpensive ways to build a strong immune system that will help protect against disease and even cancer. Eye shields deserve special attention. Eye shields block out all light. Pitch black darkness enables us to reach deep sleep faster and stay in this dream state longer.

Deep sleep, also known as delta sleep, has both mental and physical benefits: maintains healthy heart, lowers blood pressure, boosts immune system, maintain healthy brain, improves memory and creativity, prevents alzheimer, promote healthy weight, prevents obesity, improves digestion, repairs body cells, restores energy, alleviates stress and depression, promotes good mood, promotes body growth in kids and teenagers, prevents diabetes, fights inflammation.

Ear plugs go well with eye shields. Super simple and effective and inexpensive.



Trump & the Mafia | Perspective


Trump’s connections with the Mafia date back to his casino days in Atlantic City, New Jersey, from the early 1980’s into the 1990’s. While building his casino empire in the mid-1980’s, Trump was in deep with Mob boss Nicky Scarfo and mobster Daniel Sullivan.

Nicky Sacrfo was the master of Atlantic City election rigging.

Trump was fined $447,000 in 1998 for money laundering, “the largest fine the federal government ever slapped on a casino for violating the Bank Secrecy Act.” Trump violated the rules 106 times the first year the Taj Mahal was open.

In 2015, Trump Taj Mahal was fined again for laundering money, this time for $10 million.

It appears Trump doesn’t correct mistakes even if they’re crimes. Apparently, if you make enough money from committing the crime (i.e. if Trump was rewarded with $700,000 million for laundering Mob money, and only paid a fine of $10 million, it’s very lucrative and might even afford one the opportunity of becoming a billionaire), so there’s no point in stopping.

These types of banking regulations and fines may be the root of why Trump is so anti-regulation.


On December 5, 2017 Mueller subpoenaed Deutsche Bank for it’s loan records with the Trump Organization following Trump’s six bankruptcies and his inability to secure funding from traditional US banks.

According to Newsweek, Mueller “is looking into whether Russian money laundering fostered the Trump Organizations’s growth and development” after his many bankruptcies.  “Earlier this year, the bank paid $630 million to settle charges of laundering $10 billion for the Russians.”

Trump is ultra-sensitive about his finances, refusing to share his taxes. It appears this Deutsche Bank subpoena may have been another trigger that prompted the GOP loyalist aggressive assault on Mueller and his investigators the week before Christmas.

As we learned during Trump’s 2016 campaign, and his first year in office, Trump is retaliatory.


California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra is vigorously fighting Trump on many fronts. Twenty-four lawsuits in 17 different categories. Ten million immigrants call California home. The following is the lawsuit category list:

    • Travel ban from Muslim-majority countries
    • DACA
    • Border wall
    • Sanctuary cities
    • Immigration enforcement
    • Transgender military ban
    • Birth control
    • Obamacare
    • Student loan protections
    • EPA’s Scott Pruitt and ethical concerns
    • Natural gas rules
    • Coal leasing on public land
    • Clean Air Act
    • Oil and gas royalties
    • Energy use in appliances
    • Fuel efficiency standards
    • Measuring greenhouse gases


Extensive wildfires in Northern California’s wine country in October 2017 and the Thomas wildfires in Southern California raging for 3 weeks this December have tragically obliterated California’s greenhouse gas gains.

According to Live Science, the October wildfires emitted “7.9 million tons of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of about 25% of the average monthly emissions from all fossil fuel burning in the entire state of California.”

The air quality in some California cities grew so extreme it was paralleled with Beijing’s injurious air quality.


Our sense of smell is a simple and effective way to receive beneficial health remedies. Take for example, pine.

Have you ever run or walked through a neighborhood filled with pine trees? If so, you’ll quickly discover how therapeutic the air is. But even more important than the psychological benefits of breathing healthful air, pine air is also rich in antioxidants (both flavonols and bioflavonoids). Antioxidants help to fight cancer, heart disease and many other diseases.

The Japanese call this de-stress phenomenon shinrin-yoku, “taking in the atmosphere of the forest.”

There are no calories in air. And air is free!