When nothing is certain, anything is possible.
—Margaret Drabble, English Novelist

This is a one-on-one consulting experience, so we can tailor solutions to match your circumstances. Our global temperature is now above the +/-1ºC range for the first time in 10,000 years, impacting our global food supply, and leaving thousands dead and hundreds of communities destroyed. American businesses and families should be strategizing about next steps. Many decisions have to be made about the best way to protect people and property as we proceed forward. There is a lot of confusing information in the public domain, or suggestions that are partly true, which makes it hard to know the most effective next steps for community leaders, corporations, business owners, and families.

I’ve spent the past four years studying in depth the top tips, strategies and solutions of the most respected scientists and experts on climate change. Much of their expertise and extensive research has been outlined in three award winning documentaries, that I highly recommend everyone watch so that we’re all working from the same set of principles:

I’m also a climate journalist and content creator…

…and have thousands of hours of research under my belt, which has provided me with an abundance of objective information and insights that I share regularly with local, state, federal political and community leaders. I interviewed Gabe Brown, a soil health pioneer, in June of 2021. Gabe was invited to speak to Congress in the spring of 2021 and answer questions about climate change’s impact on farming. Gabe was also in the documentary Kiss the Ground. Gabe helped me craft a simple and easy action plan for suburban and urban businesses and families to implement immediately in order help drawdown carbon and save the planet, (or more specifically, save the human species). The truth is, our planet will keep spinning regardless of how hot it becomes. But if temperatures rise above 2ºC, it’s highly improbable that humans will be able to survive on the planet.

All three videos listed above underscore an emphatic message. We must return to the Garden of Eden or else.


How To Plant a Pocket Forest

Habitat restoration through biodiversity will not only boost carbon storage above ground in the newly planted trees, shrubs, perennials, and grasses, but will simultaneously increase carbon storage below ground because biodiversity boosts soil health. In all three videos listed above, the conclusion of scientists and experts, is that the only way to reduce global warming, is to return to the Garden of Eden. Tiny, diverse, native pocket forests are how we accomplish this. Gabe helped create a formula for suburbia. Schedule a FREE 30 minute strategy session to find out how you and/ or your organization can do this.


The landscaping industry is likely the single most important industry in the return to the Garden of Eden movement sweeping the globe. Restoring our habitat is vital to succeeding at carbon drawdown and lowering global warming. Tapestry No Mow Lawns are a major solution. Landscapers need to align with climate activists like myself, to learn how to transform your services so that they are in line with carbon drawdown, which will make you part of this multi billion dollar carbon drawdown industry. Schedule a FREE 30 minute strategy session to find out how you can be part of this.

Local Farmers

Are you a local farmer who uses pesticides with glyphosate and has never heard of the documentary Kiss the Ground, or Gabe Brown, Ray Archuleta, regenerative agriculture and the soil health movement? Than you must not be familiar with how farmers can earn carbon credits from corporations and the federal government if you’re following some of the 6 principles outlined by the regenerative agriculture experts. Schedule a FREE 30 minute strategy session to find out how you can be part of this.


Have you committed your business to net-zero? With extreme flooding on every continent, unprecedented heat waves, a major drought out West, along with the raging forest fires on every continent, there’s a lot of pressure bearing down on businesses to get to net-zero faster. The United States is very far behind our allies on the Paris Agreement Climate Action Tracker. Only 40% of US businesses have committed to net-zero. There’s a lot of conflicting information about the best path forward to reach our targets. Schedule a FREE 30 minute strategy session to find out more about what your agenda fro reaching net-zero faster.


Our icecaps are shrinking much more rapidly than scientists projected ten years ago, even five years ago. Sir David Attenborough warns in his life-changing documentary, A Life on our Planet, that “Without the white icecaps, less of the sun’s energy is reflected back out to space, and the speed of global warming increases.” With less white on the two poles, we need to add a lot more white in our communities by switching to white roofs and white buildings. NYC has already begun painting the tops of sky scrapers white. Los Angeles is painting dark asphalt roads white. Suburban roofs need to be switched to white as well. Schedule a FREE 30 minute strategy session to find out how you can be part of this.


There are so many vital details for families to wrap their minds around without having enough information to know what’s best regarding any aspect of climate action. When someone in the family is getting married and we have no clue about the top venues, bands, musicians, florists, etc, we know to hire a wedding planner. The same can be done with climate action. There are too many big and small decisions to know for sure if you’re making the right choices. Schedule a FREE 30 minute strategy session to find out how this works.


Gabe Brown

Gabe Brown is a soil health pioneer, and carbon drawdown expert, author, and public speaker, who began his soil experiments in 1995 when he and his family suffered through four long years of endless crop failures due to hail. Gabe travels the country educating farmers on how to transform their farms, using the 6 regenerative agriculture principles, to become much more profitable with much healthier soil

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Sir David Attenborough

Born May 8, 1926, Sir David Attenborough is a 95 year old legend. A British naturalist, who spent his entire adult life documenting every hectare of nature on the planet. Attenborough is also a British broadcaster, former senior manager at the BBC, author, and is most noted for his acclaimed 9-part Life series on Netflix. His earlier professional work focused on the wonders of the natural world, but his latter work has been all about supporting environmental causes.

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“Victory or defeat is not determined at the moment of a crisis, but rather in the long and unspectacular period of preparation.” —Anonymous

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