For the Novice: How to Write a Novel, Memoir or Any Book

We all have a book to share and it’s never been easier to get our life stories into the hands of family and friends, as well as the public. Learn the simple stepping stones of crafting your story as well as the discipline of writing, which will get you started along this amazing journey. More…

Climate Action Awareness Workshop

There are so many little things we can do as individuals and as families to lower our household carbon footprints. Learn these easy tips, as well as establish new daily habits that will ensure our children have brighter futures. More…

Businesses, Create & Market Your Climate Agenda

Climate Change awareness is imperative for all businesses, particularly those in Northern Virginia. NoVa has become a major hub for climate action initiatives, and businesses operating in this region can capitalize on the momentum, and center marketing plans around it. In order to curve individual and family carbon footprints, consumers are focusing more and more on which businesses are on board with climate action, and spending their hard earned money accordingly. Learn what consumers are looking for in the businesses they patron. More…

Make It Happen

Capitol Hill is a tough place to learn the hard and fast truths about reporting the news as an independent journalist in the era of misinformation. Student groups, particularly eighth grade through high school, will appreciate the insights of what inspirational phrases such as “make it happen” and  “fake it ’til you make it” are really like in practice, and the many mistakes that are likely made, (sometimes on Capitol Hill in front of all the cameras). More…

Capitol Hill Walk of Secrets

The Capitol Hill Walk of Secrets for student groups is a reality-altering, secret sleuthing adventure, in which they’ll uncover the mysterious way our Founding Fathers’ minds worked, and how important the art of “discovery” was to these curious patriots. More…


Thomas Jefferson & His Botanic Secrets

Discover why Thomas Jefferson fought so hard to have a Botanic Garden placed near our US Capitol, and why he believed that our democracy would be preserved for centuries to come if botanic secrets could be shared with future generations. More…


Pistachio Peak Pop-Up Theater

Pistachio Peak… an ice cream fairy tale that will melt your heart! Pop-Up production where participants get to assume the roles of the characters and perform for parents during event. More…


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