Gallant Gold Media Announces Strategic Partnership with Cork Element

January 4, 2021

Noreen Wise

Washington, DC metro – Gallant Gold Media of Fairfax, VA announced its strategic partnership with Cork Element today. A Portuguese company, Cork Element is located in the heart of the booming cork vegan leather corridor, producing a chic and luxurious line of handmade cork vegan leather bags for world markets. Cork trees are native to Portugal. Portugal and Spain produce 80% of the world’s cork.

Cork vegan leather is considered to be the best leather alternative in this 89.6 billion dollar industry. Sustainable Parisian fashion designers, along with well known name brands like Calvin Klein, have begun flouting these cork vegan leather sustainable mainstays in an effort to boost their brand in the minds of consumers in major US cities who are now all in on climate action.

Gallant Gold Media is thrilled to be connected with an authentic accessory design house right in the center of Portugal’s cork region. Gallant’s new online store front had its soft opening on January 1, 2021 and will continue adding new sustainable products throughout the month.

With sustainability becoming such a huge global issue following the 2015 Paris Agreement, innovative solutions have sprung up everywhere. Enter three creative Portuguese trailblazers — Joao Guimaraes Paiva, Hugo Diaz and Debasmita Bhattacharjee — who knew all about cork and were excited to step into this maximumly competitive ring and introduce their handmade line of vegan leather cork bags to global consumers. It was a little over a year ago, November 2019, that they founded Cork Element.

The trio states, “We are taking a small step in the ethical and sustainable fashion industry by providing an eco-conscious alternative for leather. The material is not only just animal friendly but is also extremely functional.”

President Elect Biden has made it clear he plans to rejoin the Paris Agreement on January 20, 2021.

Noreen Wise, Founder and CEO of Gallant Gold Media, explains, “Forming strategic alliances to accelerate the United States’ transition to a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle is critical in lowering our individual carbon footprints and beyond. I’m really excited about promoting Cork Element’s cork vegan leather in Virginia and along the East Coast. I love the Chic Tote and already have my eye on a second Cork Element bag. Am I the first one in Virginia to own a cork vegan leather bag?”

Gallant Gold Media is working on forming additional partnerships to broaden its online sustainable product lineup.

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