For the Novice: How To Write A Novel, Memoir or Any Book

We all have a book to share, whether it be the story of you and your business, your life story, or any subject you consider relevant to what you do. It’s never been easier to get our ideas into the hands of family and friends, and the public. Learn the simple stepping stones of crafting your narrative as well as the discipline of writing, which will get you started along this amazing journey.

This exciting worksop is an excellent introduction into how to pen the life experiences you feel are valuable to others. If you’re a business owner in search of a competitive advantage, you’ll find that a book can elevate public standing and help grow your business. We as individuals often know that our insights and life experiences will benefit others. Some find they can be more open through fiction, while still others prefer writing in the first person, and/or sharing important family details with future generations through a memoir. Just look what’s been happening in Washington DC the past few years, with so many tell-all best sellers. Generally, all authors use the same procedures and follow very similar processes.


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