Thomas Jefferson & His Botanic Secrets

  • Gallant-Evenets8One hour, interactive adventure through US Botanic Garden and a portion of the Capitol Hill landscape. Discover why Thomas Jefferson fought so hard to have a Botanic Garden placed near our US Capitol, and why he believed that our democracy would be preserved for centuries to come if botanic secrets could be shared with future generations. Participants will be amazed to learn how a beautiful botanic garden played an instrumental role in Madison getting the Constitution passed in 1787 when it appeared impossible. This enlightening walk is more about Jefferson’s and our Founders’ deep connection to botany, and how botany became the lens through which they established our nation’s foundation and framework, than it is about the science of botany.
  • $17 + processing fee for online payment (coupon codes available)
  • Special days and times available upon request for organizations as well as schools|teachers|students. Group size minimums and maximums will apply.


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