The Secret Society

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Follow the Secret Tortoise blog and learn more about secret societies around the world. There’s a lot of science, numbers, math, and symbols woven through secret societies.

The Secret Tortoise Series

THE SECRET SOCIETY: Meet Marco Perez, Illuminati-obsessed teenager about to begin the schoolyear at Riverrun Academy. He convinces four other classmates, Bennet, Isabella, Joaquin, and Kaleigh, to create a pact to help one another reach new heights. Together, they represent five different cliques at Riverrun: student government, band, performance arts, men’s sports and women’s sports. As the year gets started, this nascent secret society, the Secret Tortoise, sets its plans in motion to take control of each sector and create as much influence as possible.



The Cryptic Cipher

With each of the Secret Tortoise’s members wrapped up in their challenging personal conflicts, they begin to realize how much they can rely on each other. Marco struggles to launch his campaign for class treasurer with the help of his resourceful best friend. Bennet faces a tough dilemma about his lofty personal music goals that are pulling him in one direction, while a favorite teacher and group of peers are pulling him in another. Kaleigh is gripped by the chilling daily confrontations of a more powerful rival on the girl’s tennis team. Joaquin must learn from early mistakes, but gets help from an unlikely ally. Isabella gears up for her first audition ever, but suffers from a streak of bad luck. Antagonist Finn Sanders, becomes the big disrupter, wreaking havoc on everyone’s plans. All the while, the secret society is busy overcoming the many obstacles by developing an intriguing tool that they hope will be instrumental in reaching their collective goals.

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