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NWemojiProfilePicFlowerNoreen Wise is a journalist, author and screenwriter currently living in metro Washington DC. Her primary writing focuses are positivity, inspiration, overcoming obstacles, climate action, music, health and wellness. She’s committed herself to working tirelessly to address the global climate crisis and help the American public move in this direction. Additionally, Noreen is passionate about history and has spent many hours in the Library of Congress researching historical events and reading Thomas Jefferson’s letters.

While living in Charlottesville, VA, just a few miles from Thomas Jefferson’s famed Academical Village, Noreen became well-acquainted with, and inspired by, the mysterious secret societies associated with Jefferson’s university, as well as the Freemasons and their connection to our founding fathers. Noreen’s hope is that young people everywhere will become excited about botany and will use nature as a wonderful guide in life, just as Thomas Jefferson did. Additionally, she’s enthusiastic about readers learning and applying Jefferson’s technique for acquiring knowledge by using the scientific method in day-to-day life: make an observation, ask questions, form a hypothesis, test the hypothesis, create a new hypothesis, test again, and draw a conclusion. Onward and upward.

Noreen is the author of several children books: Pistachio Peak, Dog Named Zog, and Muffin Huff ’N Puff. Her novel Escape is scheduled to be released in January 2020.




Acknowledgements for Secret Tortoise series

  •  The Secret Tortoise of Sleepy Hollow SAGA 1 Amazon
  • The Secret Oak Amazon
  •  The Urgent Secret Cipher Amazon
  •  The Covert Influencer Amazon



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