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An Endless Series of Traumatic Events (The Bright Side)
by Noreen Wise

ISBN: 1-58584-888-1 eBook
$2.99 | Amazon

Scheduled Release Date: March 12, 2021

The Bright Side is a daily conversation Monday – Friday that focuses on how to flip a negative into a positive and land on the bright side. This wonderful book is a compilation of podcast transcripts. Host Noreen Wise has known intense sorrow, her many stories of overcoming endless obstacles, challenges and negative dark forces, flipping them to positives and finding the silver lining, are a valuable collection of tips and secrets that can only be learned through experience. Both the book and the podcast are invaluable guides that can serve as the footsteps you may need to lead you through very difficult circumstances.

by Noreen Wise

ISBN: 1-58584- eBook
$7.95 | Amazon

Scheduled Release Date: April 7, 2021

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You Better Not Cry by Janet Barré

A True Story Nominated for 2001 Pulitzer Prize
ISBN: 1-58584-556-6 eBook
$7.95 | Amazon

NOMINATED for 2001 PULITZER PRIZE: The true story of Janet Barré’s daunting life during the 1930’s and 1940’s at the height of the great depression. This spirited young child, blessed with an abundance of God-given talent, was left to fend for herself amid an endless assault of extreme challenges…. Continue Reading


The Secret Tortoise of Sleepy Hollow SAGA

ISBN: 1-58584-776-1 eBook
$9.95 | Amazon


World famous Sleepy Hollow, New York very well might be the most haunted grounds in America. In fact, who knows what hidden mysteries simmer beneath the surface?

Five friends make a blood oath to take the secrets they uncover to the grave.

Welcome to Riverrun Academy, a very ordinary Jr Sr high school, steeped in history, perched high above the Hudson River 25 miles north of Manhattan. It’s here where a small group of students hatch a plan connected to a secret note they uncover that was written by a Founding Father and, inspired by the cryptic message, make a secret pact to uncover the buried secrets of the past.

Little did they know their pact would have far-reaching implications on their lives and the world around them.

Follow the story of the Secret Tortoise as our group of protagonists starts small and builds their influence until they wield power and authority throughout Riverrun and even outside its age-old walls.Continue reading

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