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The United States chopped down 36 million mature trees in 2019. We lost more than 15 million acres of trees out West during the past 3 years of wildfires. Tragically, our massive national landscape is only 33% forest.

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Gallant Gold Media is supporting tree planting across the United States by sending free eastern redbud seedlings, (a native species from Texas to Canada), to homeowners through our Trees for Love Campaign. Place your order today!

Do you have a special request for a certain type of seedling? Just let us know. No guarantees, but we can do our best. Pine and white oak are always lovely.

Trees for Love

On October 24, 2020, Gallant Gold Media partnered with Fairfax ReLeaf and the Fairfax County Tree Commission to distribute free eastern redbud and buttonbush seedlings to plant in Northern Virginia homes and HOA’s to remember those we’ve lost to covid in our communities. Fairfax City business owner, and NoVa resident, Dawn Zimmerman, shared details of the five friends/family members she lost to covid that she planted her seedlings for. Their stories are remarkable.

Let’s Save the Planet Together.

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