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And if….

…you’re feeling blue about all the chaos in the country and world, you’ll have to take a listen to the tips shared The Bright Side Podcast and learn the tricks to staying positive through the storms.

Spooky Stories

The Secret Tortoise of Sleepy Hollow series

Enter the spooky world of invisible forces that appear to surround us and hear the marvelous true tales that will make you question our reality and have you looking over your shoulder the next time you enter a forest.

The Bright Side

Currently being reproduced

I’m Noreen Wise, entrepreneur, author, screenwriter and Climate Action journalist, founder of Gallant Gold Media, sharing tips and secrets through personal stories that reveal how to turn a negative into a positive and land on the bright side.

This is basically the same as alchemy. Transforming everything into gold.

Gallant Gold Media’s weekly podcast, is about creating a system to manage all the negative forces in our lives, that way we can stay positive and find the bright side which I have found brings many unexpected surprises, that often feel like answers to prayers.

These stories and tips, tie in with the natural world making them universal, spanning all cultures.

I hope you’ll join me each week so we can find the bright side together!

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