Ponderosa Pines Ranch

Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.
John Muir

Welcome! We update this page regularly with new information. The state of North Dakota is ranked in last place for forestation in the United States, which includes our 6 extra territories for a total list of 56. Only 1.72 percent forestation. So you can imagine how thrilled we were when ranch owner Byron Richard agreed to partner with Gallant Goal Media to grow a forest to remember those we’ve lost to Covid. Below are photos of the North Dakota land where we’ll be planting thousands of trees, shrubs, flowers and ground cover to create a pilot pocket forest, that will restore habitat and improve the land for wildlife.

Step 1 is testing and prepping the soil. With the focus on soil in this pilot forest, we are very excited about testing the various carbon sequestration ideas championed by acclaimed soil scientist Rattan Lal, who has spent decades experimenting with a variety of enhanced carbon sequestration methods in agriculture. We will apply Lal’s agricultural principles to growing a forest, and test to see which carbon sequestration possibilities work best in North Dakota. We look forward to keeping you informed on our progress. What we really hope though is that you’ll feel inspired to get involved and be a part of this exciting discovery expedition and become a corporate or individual sponsor.


The location of Ponderosa Pines Ranch forest is ideal. It’s only 27 minutes from Theodore Roosevelt National Park, where buffalo roam free. Theodore Roosevelt used to have a ranch in the badlands, Elkhorn Ranch. Down Interstate 94 in the other direction, that of Dickinson, North Dakota, Theodore Roosevelt Library is under construction. We’ll be turning Ponderosa Pines Ranch forest into an educational experience, teaching students and adults how to grow a forest, in the age of GreenUp, as the US strives to reach our Paris Agreement targets. Of the 45 acres set aside to grow Ponderosa Pines, only 7.5 acres have the necessary spoil health to grow anything. The majority of the rest of the acres do not have ideal soil conditions and will be surveyed in April 2021. Once we have the results, we’ll be able to create a strategy for improving soil health, and will then know more about how to proceed. It may require a few years of testing. Stay tuned for more details about this life-changing opportunity.


Ponderosa Pines Ranch will be an ideal ecotourism destination. Forty-five fabulous acres to explore with it’s uniquely challenging soil, yet breathtaking landscape vistas. During the first five years, as the newly planted species of native trees, shrubs, perennials and ground cover begin taking root and shooting upward, it will be a wonderfully hopeful traipse along the trails to view the young forest and learn about the growing process. This vast landscape in North Dakota’s Golden Valley is quite exceptional.

Additionally, we plan to experiment with the soil. We will be planting different combinations of species as ground cover, to boost soil health and increase carbon sequestration. We look forward to sharing what we learn with the public and passing along tips to the for you to try in your yards and communities.

With Ponderosa Pines being so close to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the Badlands and Medora, we look forward to the opportunity of adding a carbon sequestration adventure to the tourism mix.

Native Americans…

There are 5 Native American tribes in North Dakota. Further, Sacagawea who at age 16 assisted Lewis & Clark on their Discovery Expedition from the northern plains, across the Rockies to the Pacific Ocean, was from Norther Dakota. Gallant Gold Media will be working hard to create partnerships with the 5 tribes and will seek their advice about connecting with the land to plant and grow a forest that will include understory rich with native shrubs, flowers and ground cover. We’re also working with several North Dakota state agencies. We hope you’ll participate in this modern day Discovery Expedition as Gallant Gold Media works hard to help the US reach its goals under the Paris Agreement.

Follow our progress. We’ll keep you posted right here…

Medora… details coming soon

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