Gallant Gold Media Achieves ESGmark Status

June 29, 2020

Noreen Wise

Washington, DC metro – Gallant Gold Media LLC, headquartered in Fairfax, VA, announced today that it is honored to have achieved the ESGmark status for its credentials in Environmental, Social and Governance. UK’s ESGmark is a global community of like-minded businesses, organizations and people who are tapped into the public’s demand for responsible operations. ESGmark defines responsibility as:

Environmental – committed to lowering carbon emissions through the use of renewable energy, recycling and minimal waste, and no animal cruelty, all in an effort to minimize the impact on the environment.

Social – focused on the well-being of all, which includes equal opportunities, the enrichment of local communities, as well as greater social awareness.

Governance – building trust with all stakeholders through strong leadership, high integrity, accountability, and principled best practices.

Gallant Gold Media’s Founder, CEO & Managing Editor, Noreen Wise, explains: “These are the very reasons I founded an independent media company in the United States. Environmental, social and governance, as defined by ESGmark, are my core beliefs. It’s exciting to learn that there are many of us around the globe with the exact same vision. It brings hope while fighting the tough battles businesses are faced with during a traumatic global pandemic. Stronger together.”

Multiple projects are currently underway and in the pipeline at Gallant Gold Media, creating a lot of internal excitement. Be on the lookout in the upcoming weeks and months.

Please click here to learn more about Noreen Wise and Gallant Gold Media LLC.

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Stay connected with the global climate crisis though Gallant Gold Media’s regular updates that provide insightful information on how to lower our carbon footprints. Gallant aggressively covers the root causes of the climate emergency as well as provides the public with useful tips on how households and communities can assist with lowering global atmospheric carbon levels by changing daily habits and using a new lens for decision making. Nature and the environment are at the heart of corporate vision.

Additionally, the cornerstone of Gallant Gold Media is positivity. Its mission is to be the guide and resource supporting those who are searching for ways to overcome difficulties by flipping negatives into positives and landing on the bright side. Gallant shares valuable, life-improving information through multi media streams that include: daily podcastsclimate action updates, inspirational eBooks, daily social media posts, and events. Music and movie streaming are on the horizon.

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