Scott Pruitt’s Delusion | Perspective


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ~Benjamin Franklin

I run every night after dinner. Just a simple 20-30 minute course. Running in a town and state known for it’s natural beauty, endowed with nearly 43,000 square miles of vast green landscapes, vibrant thick forests, an abundance of flowers, rolling hills, mountains… makes it relatively easy to inhale healthy air that results in easy outdoor exercise routines. Nature is the most effective filter for holding pollutants at bay.

And exercise is a critical element in building a strong immune system.

I recently had the good fortune of experiencing more fully the vital role healthy air plays in exercising when I was in Southern Pines, NC a few months ago. I ran amongst the tall Longleaf and Loblolly pines. Their strong, therapeutic scent soon filled my lungs and cleared my mind. After a quick mile, I felt extra invigorated, as if I’d taken a magical energy potion. Then, without even realizing it, I went on to run 45 minutes and could have easily gone further but it was pitch black. I think the reason I was so startled was because I’ve never run for that long in my whole life, but suddenly I could go the extra distance without effort.

I was mystified. I quickly had to Google to see if it was my imagination or whether the fresh “pine” air does indeed contain tangible health benefits. Amazing. Yes, it does. Pine is rich in flavonols and bioflavonoids which provide a measurable increase in physical endurance. They’re also potent antioxidants. In Japan, the phenomenon of inhaling pine health benefits is called shinrin-yoku.

It’s stunning to learn how easy it is to inhale health and receive powerful immediate results. I now understand the logic behind aroma therapy. It’s much quicker than vitamins or supplements, where it may take a week or two to feel the difference, or a month, even a year. But in Southern Pines, I felt infused within ten minutes.

Which brings me to Scott Pruitt…

EPA Scott Pruitt’s shocking announcement Thursday March 29, 2018 that the EPA will roll back Obama’s trademark environmental policy, Obama’s enhanced Vehicle Emissions Standards, is nothing short of criminal. The Director of the Environmental Protection Agency swore an oath to protect our health and environment. Auto emissions contain hydrocarbons, nitrogen, carbon-monoxide, sulfur dioxide, etc… all of which result in tangible negatives for our health and well-being. The detrimental impact is substantial.

I now can’t fathom outdoor exercise in cities. It must be extremely challenging with so few natural filters.

Scott Pruitt is delusional to believe Americans are so ignorant that we’ll buy his ludicrous “framing” of this toxic policy shift: “cars will be less expensive” if he repeals the higher Auto Emission Standards. True, but our medical care will be significantly more expensive. Oh, and will also shave about ten years off our life spans.

It’s time to demand that criminal charges be filed against Mr. Pruitt. We inhale health and harm in equal measure. Pruitt’s intentional negligence, which will lead to millions of deaths across the next ten years, must be stopped.

The easiest way to protect our families and our environment is to refuse to buy any of the cheaper American cars that will have the lower emissions standards. We have the power to block Pruitt. We must succeed at preparing for tomorrow. Pruitt’s failure doesn’t have to be our demise… but it certainly can be his.

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PRUITT’s Bad Judgement, Is It Murder? | Perspective


EPA Director Scott Pruitt was interviewed during an Oversight Hearing held by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on Tuesday January 30, 2018 for 2 hours, 29 minutes and 15 seconds. At its conclusion, there was no doubt in any reasonable person’s mind that Scott Pruitt is the most significant threat to public health since the founding of our nation 242 years ago. Pruitt’s irreparable damage to our well-being, his sabotaging of the U.S. environment, and his undermining of one of our strongest and largest industries, the U.S Tourism Industry ($1.5 Trillion) will leave a massive swath of devastation that will take centuries to recover from, if ever.

During the Oversight Hearing, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) highlighted the 180˙ contrast between Pruitt’s strong “Trump is dangerous,” and “Trump’s abusive to the Constitution” stance in the spring of 2016, to the present “I don’t remember that,” and “I don’t echo that today at all” position on January 30, 2018. Translated, Pruitt is confessing to being “dangerous” just like Trump, and “abusive to the Constitution” just like Trump. They’re now in lockstep.

The cost to clean-up the massive amount of environmental damage is many trillions.

After Trump cut taxes for short-term benefit, shielding the public about the long-term negative consequences by attempting to blind us with neon lights and sparkles, while at the same time denying the mega financial toll climate change will have on our debt by simply denying climate change all together, (but the reality is, climate change will result in one devastating natural disaster after the next, causing financial ruin over and over and over again, turning our debt burden into Mt Everest…I’m growing more terrified with each word I click), we’re now tangled up in a tremendous confluence, and have to somehow simultaneously find a way to pay for the life-threatening Superfund Sites. Which brings us back to Pruitt.

There are apparently over 1,340 Superfund sites. New Jersey has the most with 116. New Jersey is also one of the smallest states per square-miles with a population of roughly 9 million, so the contaminated area overlaps with major population centers. Additionally, as Senator Booker pointed out during the Oversight Hearing,  New Jersey is prone to flooding, especially during hurricanes. A flooded Superfund site, is alarming from a health risk standpoint.

California is 2nd on the Superfund site list with 98 sites. New York is 4th with 93. Together, these three blue states, home to approximately 68 million people, have 307 Superfund sites.

EPA Director Scott Pruitt recently created a “Superfund Sites Targeted for Immediate, Intense Action” list. There are 20 of the 1,340  Superfund sites on the list.

  • 3 are in New Jersey
  • 1 is in California
  • 0 in New York
  • 2 in Montana

This is clearly bad decision making. Factor in the glaring fact that three of the densely populated top Superfund site states are blue states, all three of which are densely populated, and one of which didn’t have any sites make the list, leaves the impression that the Pruitt’s selection process was spiteful, which implies that Pruitt created this grouping with malice.

Again, sparsely populated red Montana, with only 16 sites, had two sites make the list.

So, when EPA Director Scott Pruitt, who unwittingly confessed in an Oversight Hearing to be “dangerous” and “abusive to the Constitution,” hones in on a very specific health crisis, one that causes many forms of cancer that result in death (by this point hundreds of thousands of deaths, perhaps even millions), and crafts a list of Superfund sites targeted for Immediate Intense Action, and taints the process by intentionally not selecting sites in specific areas that any reasonable person can deduce are the ideal, and instead chooses at least 2, possibly 5, that are extremely questionable…knowing that because he didn’t choose some of the “ideal” sites when he had the opportunity, people will die that otherwise wouldn’t…one can’t help but ask the question: is this first degree murder? Is it pre-meditated? Pruitt clearly put some thought into this.

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Scott Pruitt Re-Invented, or is He? | Perspective

perspectiveOn Friday, February 2, 2018, the day of the release of the infamous Nunes Memo, and the intense media coverage that followed, New York Times The Daily veered off media course and featured a noteworthy interview with EPA Director Scott Pruitt. Pruitt struggled to answer Barbaro’s direct questions. It’s an amazing interview, well worth a listen.

Interestingly, Senator Markey (D-MA), sent a harsh letter to Scott Pruitt on January 18, 2018, rebuking him and demanding that he answer 41 vital questions and reply by January 24th. Further, Markey requested that Pruitt come in person to be interviewed be the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee (EPW) on January 30, 2018.

Pruitt’s attempt to dismantle all of Obama’s environmental protection policies, and erase the scientific research at the EPA proving Climate Change, have been met with lawsuits. Dozens and dozens of lawsuits in 2017. The aggressive de-reguations agenda of Pruitt’s is now clogging the courts.

Perhaps Scott Pruitt has begun feeling the heat after decimating the programs that protect the environment and safeguard public health, and continuing his “Climate Change denier” position even after the catastrophic hurricane season of 2017. He seemingly became “inspired” after his meeting with Senator Markey and the Senate EPW Committee on January 30th, aired on C-SPAN …he announced today Monday February 5, 2018 that he invited Cabinet members to a meeting on February 15, 2018 to strategize about updating America’s water infrastructure.

The Washington Examiner outlined: “Lead poisoning is an insidious menace that robs our children of their intellect and their future,” Pruitt said in the letter, addressed to Cabinet heads including HHS Secretary Alex Azar, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Ben Carson, secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and others.

Just 8 weeks ago, before the tax overhaul,  Pruitt testified in Congress that he was concerned about the cost to replace the infrastructure – approximately $30 billion –  for “7 million to 11 million lines.” This seems to imply he’d never be able to follow-through with whatever strategy the Cabinet comes up with for eliminating lead from water during their meeting on February 15th.

Replacing 11 million lead pipe lines for $30 billion, which would drastically reduce lead poisoning, if not eliminate it all together, is less than half the cost of the $70 billion border wall that Trump is determined to install. We can’t forget that the tax overhaul is expected to generate a tax shortage of $1.5 trillion, which will likely stall each and every infrastructure program.

CNN stated that in 2016 Pruitt was supporting Jeb Bush, and commented about Trump: “I think he’s an empty vessel when it comes to things like the Constitution and rule of law,” Pruitt said on the “Exploring Energy” radio show on February 11. “I’m very concerned that perhaps if he’s in the White House, that there may be a very blunt instrument as the voice of the Constitution.” 

But in 2017, Pruitt claimed: “After meeting him, and now having the honor of working for him, it is abundantly clear that President Trump is the most consequential leader of our time,” Pruitt said. “No one has done more to advance the rule of law than President Trump. The President has liberated our country from the political class and given America back to the people.”

So this zig-zag, is Scott Pruitt, Director of the EPA. Someone to keep an eye on as long as he’s in office. “America the Beautiful,” national tourism, is a $1.5 trillion dollar industry. Poisoning our water and air for profit, chopping off breathtaking mountaintops to appease the Coal Industry, smashing monuments out West (Zinke), is a destruction campaign.

It’s encouraging to see the new Scott Pruitt. It took an army to get Director Pruitt to this fresh start. It will likely take an army to ensure he follows through. Apparently, pressure is a great motivator for Pruitt. But there’s a famous adage to keep in mind: “A man convinced beyond his will is of the same impression still.”


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Closing In, The Russia Investigation | Perspective



Trump’s Russian Collusion Developments

The House Intelligence Committee released the 312 page transcript of their interview with Glenn Simpson Thursday January 18, 2018. Simpson, a former Wall Street Journal investigative reporter who specialized on Russia, is the founder of Fusion GPS, the research organization that created the Steele Dossier. A key take away from the interview is that if Trump was laundering money with the Russians, which it’s fairly certain he was, after all, Trump has a 30+ year track record of laundering money, and was fined $10 million by FinCen in 2015  for “Significant and Long Standing Anti-Money Laundering Violations”…but according to Simpson, if Trump was laundering money with the Russians, then the Kremlin would be aware of this, and would use it as “powerful leverage” over Trump.

There were many moments across 2017 where the public questioned “what Putin had on Trump,” which seemingly made Trump such a strong Putin advocate and ally. There was speculation that it was the Pee Tape with Trump and prostitutes in a Russia hotel, which we all assume to be true. Especially now after learning about Stormy Daniels. So, money laundering and the Pee Tape? Is there more than that? Much more perhaps?

Regulations = Consumer Protections

Trump is strongly anti-regulation, despite the fact that regulations are established and enforced for consumer protection. In fact, regulations are a vital cornerstone in developed countries. Third world countries generally don’t have any regulations.

Trump’s extensive history of being fined and sued for breaking laws and regulations may be one reason why he views regulations as his nemesis. During his campaign in 2016, it was revealed that Trump was engaged in  3,500 lawsuits. And Trump has suffered many hefty blows with fines. A few examples: $10 million; $750,000; $21 million; and more.

Trump’s hatred for regulations also might stem from the fact that he has no moral character. He has no patience. When constructing a tower on 5th avenue, or a casino in Atlantic City, regulations make everything take longer. Trump, an instant gratification kind of guy, and developer, views regulations as an obstacle to his immediate success.

Do you recall the 1974 film Towering Inferno?  The horror movie that was released before all the 1979 building codes were established? Trump has thrown us back that far. Massive skyscrapers blanketing the American landscape, and now no regulations. We were traumatized on 9/11 when the towers fell. Is this now what’s in store for use? Falling towers? Or at the very least, towering infernos especially in light of the fact that Mr. Anti-Energy Rick Perry was confirmed as Secretary of DOE.

This week’s deregulation focus was Mulvaney and his $0 budget for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Mulvaney feels the current $145 million reserve fund is sufficient. He’s supposed to have an operating budget + reserve fund, but he feels the reserve fund is enough as he begins plans to repeal regulations.


Scott Pruitt, an Immediate Threat

EPA Scott Pruitt just enacted a very controversial, immediately life-threatening policy where new chemicals can swiftly move to market without being properly tested “undermining new laws and regulations that Congress passed with overwhelming bipartisan support in 2016.”



Attitude affects health. A positive attitude can effectively make you healthier. Positive emotions trigger the release of happy hormones – endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine – that strengthen the immune system.


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Russian Interference | Perspective


All the U.S. Intelligence Agencies determined conclusively that Russia interfered with the U.S. 2016 Presidential Election for the purpose of electing Donald Trump and undermining Hillary Clinton.

There have been numerous news stories over the past 12 months identifying the methods the Russians used to “influence” U.S. voters. Fake news. Trolls. Social media ads. Fake social media accounts….all targeting ignorance and our willingness to believe what we hear or read without questioning what’s being said or written.

The Intelligence Community has been sounding the alarm about nothing being done to deter Russia from meddling again. In fact, we’ve been told point blank that Russia will definitely continue trying to influence us, and that we should be on the look out.

Trump refuses to acknowledge Russia’s interference. Congress hasn’t initiated a counter strategy. And Homeland Security isn’t advising on a battle plan for U.S. citizens. So I guess we have to look out for each other and create our own counter-Russian influence plan.

  • Russian trolls are EVERYWHERE. They seem like GOP trolls or Trump trolls and very well may be, but many are Russian.


  • Moscow is 8 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, although not all Russian trolls are in Moscow. But bottom-line, any posts you see on a Sunday morning (for example) that’s stamped at 4:00am ET is 99.9% likely to be from a foreign country.


  • The new troll isn’t as aggressive and belligerent as they were at the beginning of the year, but they are subtly trying to influence our opinions by weaving half truths through their lies.


  • Half truths are the most dangerous kind of subliminal pressure used to try and influence our beliefs. They dramatically increase the likelihood we’ll believe a lie. The fact that the Russian intelligence community, governed by Putin an autocrat, has an army of loyal agents diligently clicking away on their computers, trying to act like Texans (or some other region of the country), lining a news comment or FB post with a half truth is alarming.


  • An example: Putin is an autocrat. A tyrant. So Russia is an autocracy. To influence the world into believing this is a great system, Putin/Russia calls it “managed democracy.” Managed democracy doesn’t seem so bad, does it? And yet a an autocracy and a tyrant are the most oppressive form of government, the polar opposite of USA.

Let’s all keep each other informed about what we see and hear so we can stay protected.


Vice President Mike Pence cast 6 tiebreaking votes this first year in office. A record!

In 2018 there’ll be one less red senator and one more blue. This may mean an end to Pence’s roll in swinging votes.

Sadly, enough damage has already been done. The following consumer protection has now been wiped away:

“The Senate voted to nullify a consumer-oriented rule that would let millions of Americans band together to sue their banks or credit card companies….The rule exposed banks to large class-action lawsuits. Supporters say that possibility would help ensure banks, credit card companies and other lenders treat consumers appropriately.”


Alabama’s Roy Moore filed an election complaint on Wednesday December 27, 2017 trying to block Jones from taking over Sessions’ senate seat following his victory on December 12. Moore’s rationale? Voter fraud.

When asked about the fraud, Moore explained “more voters voted than in past elections.”

Moore’s complaint was thrown out and Jones’ victory was certified.

What’s so alarming is the election revealed how Moore thinks. An obviously twisted mind. Yet, he was a prosecutor and a judge?! 😳


EPA Director Scott Pruitt is determined to dismantle the environmental protections that save lives and preserves our DNA.

He’s now brought in a friend who was banned from banking for life to “streamline the Superfund program.”

“The appointment was notable in that Kelly would become a senior adviser in the federal environmental agency despite having no previous experience with environmental issues.” – Sharon Lerner

Ill-conceived choices like Albert Kelly impact consumer health and cause deaths.


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