The American Dream

The following is a very simple, straightforward HOW TO Guide for making the American Dream come true. These are simple, fundamental principles that have been proven by our nation’s founders.

The American Dream isn’t about becoming rich, although many Americans do. It’s more about the “pursuit of happiness,” the passionate drive to realize our dreams and goals. It’s about having the freedom to be our best selves and evolving into strong examples for our peers, our siblings/children (depending on age), and those in our schools, local communities, and our professional communities.

The American Dream is about having the right character traits, those tested personal qualities of grit, perseverance, industriousness, honesty, to name but a few. The truth is, that in our free society, we need the vast majority of Americans to possess these noble traits if we’re going to tackle the monster challenges facing us in the 21st Century.

The American Dream begins with GRIT:

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