The Covert Influencer of Sleepy Hollow

ISBN: 1-58584-775-4 eBook
$2.99 | Amazon
Written by Noreen Wise

Scheduled for Release July 7, 2020

Follow the Secret Tortoise blog and become an insider on many of history’s unsolved mysteries, as well as the ghosts who roam the earth intent on imparting the secrets they took to their graves. Perhaps you’ll find, that not only is knowledge power, it may actually transform your reality.

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ST-Book3-CovFrnt-72-400Stronger together . It’s only the third week of school and already the Secret Tortoises feel their personal battles are far more difficult than their ability to handle them individually. Marco’s class treasurer campaign is significantly undermined by antagonist Finn Sander’s targeted pandemonium. Bennett’s goodwill sacrifice for the school band, results in unexpected negative consequences for his best friend Marco and the Secret Tortoises. Kaleigh’s masterplan to overcome an aggressive rival’s evil plot, is on the verge of being thwarted. Joaquin successfully rebounds to the vicious backlash following his error in the final seconds of the first home game, but he now faces a much more dire emotional crisis. And Isabella is conflicted on multiple levels as she sets off to accomplish an impossible task during her week long audition ordeal. These challenges, along with numerous twists and turns that thread through the cliques, clubs and daily interactions at Riverrun Academy, becomes catalysts that alter the playing field for the school community and the Secret Tortoises… leaving readers on the edge of their seats as they begin to feel that they too attend Riverrun.



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