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We’re an independent multi media company on a mission to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, biodiverse, eco-friendly carbon neutral culture. We educate the public on carbon drawdown through soil health and habitat restoration, as well as sustainability, and the general global climate crisis. Our Act Now for the Earth Cafe community is a quick drop-in online learning space, that includes regular events. Our main information delivery is engaging social media posts on the three major platforms. We have a budding product collection that was carefully chosen to make this an exciting transition.

Gallant Gold Media offers a positive culture of leadership and mentoring, passion, inspiration, and innovation in pursuit of the corporate mission of being a persuasive force in making the world a better place. Gallant prides itself in offering opportunities to a diverse group of like-minded people who are motivated to tackle stubborn challenges in a positive way and celebrate each and every step toward success.

Positive and inspirational corporate environment.

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