You Better Not Cry

You Better Not Cry by Janet Barré

A True Story Nominated for 2001 Pulitzer Prize
ISBN: 1-58584-556-6 eBook
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NOMINATED for 2001 PULITZER PRIZE: The true story of Janet Barré’s daunting life during the 1930’s and 1940’s at the height of the great depression. This spirited young child, blessed with an abundance of God-given talent, was left to fend for herself amid an endless assault of extreme challenges. A first-hand tale that reveals the magnificent use of the mind as a tool for combatting such seemingly insurmountable challenges as abuse, neglect, fear, and abject poverty.

This triumphant tour de force provides a unique window into how exactly the mind can overcome matter.

Praise for You Better Not Cry

“An extraordinary book written by an extraordinary woman, celebrating resiliency and the power of the human spirit to not only survive, but to survive with grace and nobility.”
~ Francesca Cavalier, SFCC


“Cheering for Claudette as she fights to survive, crying for her when she is berated andbeaten down, wishing that the adults would help this girl out, you are finally amazed in the end by the gifts of love, sympathy, and empathy, and a passion for truth, fairness and justice that Barré has bestowed upon her readers.”
~ Susan Parent, Teacher

“Fast-paced and very insightful. The pathos and courage that marks the author’s childhood proves to be riveting.”
~ William McMahon, Author

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