Remember Me Trees

Remember Me Tree Campaign

Gallant Gold Media is distributing 300 FREE Red Bud and Button Bush seedlings on Saturday, October 24, 2020, from 12 noon – 3 PM, to residents in Fairfax County so that homeowners and businesses throughout Fairfax County can plant trees and bushes this fall to remember all those in our community who’ve been lost to covid. Click here to register. First come first serve, so please register ASAP.

There’s never been a more important time to plant trees than right now. With massive wildfires scorching millions of acres of forests across the western United States, to the ongoing need to cut atmospheric carbon levels in order to reduce global warming, trees are now more important than ever for sustaining human life on our planet. The only way our children will have mature trees tomorrow, is if we plant seedlings today.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland in January 2020, hundreds of nations across the globe committed to planting a trillion trees by 2050. Sadly, prior to Davos, the United States was hovering at the bottom of the list of developed nations for tree planting. Canada has been a top performer, planting 500 million trees in 2019, while the US only planted 5 million. Ethiopia succeeded at putting 350 million trees in the ground in 12 hours this past July 2020. The US needs to rush to catch up. In most states, trees can only be planted a few months out of the year. There’s a window in both the spring and the fall. Thus, it’s vitally important that we take advantage of each and every opportunity. Homeowners have to be the drivers of our national tree planting efforts if we’re going to succeed.

Planting a tree to remember someone whose life was cut short — whether that be from covid, gun violence, wildfires and other natural disasters, a car accident, cancer, and multiple other tragedies — is a great way of showing empathy and letting others know a lost loved one will be remembered. It also motivates us into action. This wonderful way of keeping spirits alive helps families and communities heal while at the same time saving the planet.

Please remember me
By planting a tree

There is no Planet B…
So let my life cut short by tragedy
Help to save humanity 

What better way to Rest in Peace

~Remember Me Tree Campaign,
by Gallant Gold Media

Planting Trees For Climate Action

Carbon is stored in oceans, plants and the soil. According to NASA, forests cover 30 percent of earth’s landmass, and 45 percent of the carbon in the atmosphere, is sequestered in forests. Carbon is absorbed by the leaves and funneled to the trunk. In fact, NASA explains that 50 percent of a tree’s dry biomass is carbon. read more

Tree Planting Events

We’re very excited to be partnering with various organizations in Northern Virginia to plant 500 trees in Fairfax County, Virginia this October 2020 to remember Fairfax County’s Covid victims. Fairfax ReLeaf has donated these 500 seedlings, a mix of Red Bud and Button Bush, and the Fairfax County Tree Commission read more

Important Tree Planting Information

There are 7 basic steps for successful bare root tree planting as outlined by the Fairfax County Tree Commission in their wonderful Tree Basics booklet. Step 1, Keep the roots moist until ready to plant. Step 2, unpack the tree, remove all packing materials, carefully untangle the roots and soak the roots in read more

Advice from a TREE: Stand tall and proud. Sink your roots into the earth. Be content with your natural beauty. Go out on a limb. Drink plenty of water. Remember your roots. Enjoy the view.

Ilan Shamir

Many thanks to the Fairfax County Tree Commission and Taylor Beach at Fairfax ReLeaf. We’re very grateful for Fairfax ReLeaf’s assistance and guidance in rolling out or Remember Me Tree Campaign and will be donating 2% of sponsorship funding to Fairfax ReLeaf.

One shot. Give it all you’ve got.

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