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The United States has fallen to a dangerously low 33% forestation, from our high of 50% in 1620. Trees a vital in maintaining our oxygen supply, storing carbon, filtering pollution, stabilizing the soil and maintaining our mental health.

Gallant Gold Media is on a mission to be a Force of Nature in the global effort to plant one trillion trees by 2050. Our goal is to help expedite the timeline. If every one of us focuses on the number 10, will we be able to put one trillion trees in the ground by 2040? Let’s try. There’s no time to spare in planting. We have to find a way, even during covid.

In the United States, we’re behind the 8-ball, losing many billions of trees to devastating wildfires now that climate change conditions are already at our doorstep. Become a tree sponsor and feel the inspiration you receive from being part of the solution. The best part about taking good care of trees, is that trees take such good care of us by paying us back tenfold by taking such good care of us.

Gallant Gold Media’s Force of Nature will be to slowly but surely inspire public action to implement climate solutions to lower personal and household carbon footprints. Trees and nature are a major climate solution. In fact, the solutions to the global climate crisis are well documented. We know what to do. The challenge is inspiring people to act quickly and implement the necessary daily habit adjustments. According to Restore, planting one trillion trees will lower atmospheric carbon levels by 30%.

Click here to be a part of this amazing effort.

My passion for trees and nature is in my blood. Being half Canadian, I have deep roots in the Canadian wilderness, which seems to have left an imprint on my DNA. My ancestors were pioneers, some of Canada’s first inhabitants. Jean Poisson, my 10th great-grandfather, was Samuel D. Champlain‘s bodyguard on several explorations to New France back in the early 1600’s. And my 8th great-grandparents, Peirre and Anne Dagenais, were slaughtered during the barbaric Lachine Massacre of 1689 in Montreal. (The Iroquois tortured their enemies, throwing them on open fire pits, and eating them for dinner. Seriously.) To honor the memory of all those who were massacred in Lachine in 1689, the city planted hundreds of beautiful trees along the Lake St. Louis waterfront on the southwest shore of Montreal. It’s one of the most inspiring parks on the continent, which highlights the incredible power that trees have in transforming a scene of horror into a beautiful nature sanctuary.

Planting trees is an absolute must for all of us if we are to save our habitat. But, planting trees to remember those we’ve lost, as well as to let those who are still here but struggling through great difficulties know we’re thinking about them, gives an unexpected dividend, a positive emotional boost that can help heal our nation.

Noreen Wise, Founder, CEO & Managing Director of Gallant Gold Media

Let’s SAVE OUR HABITAT together.

One shot. Give it all you’ve got.